Saturday, May 10, 2008

I nearly kill somebody today


It's hard to imagine what will happen to me if I really kill him. Maybe I will spend a few years in a prison, I got myself in deep shit.

I didn't kill him

It's confusing right?
I work for Kevin, he asked me to drive one of his cars, I decided to try that manual gear one. Cos it saves petrol and it's an old car, good to new drivers.

Today, I drove it. It's manual, not auto...yeah yeah yeah, it's manual gear that's why it's not an automatic gear okay? That's silly, I didn't know why I picked the manual gear, GOD!!!! I know he knows I know that I didn't drive for years, I didn't forget about that! He was so brave...trusted my driving skill (he has no choice but to trust)...his confidence helped me try. But after 20 minutes sitting with me, watching me driving from Kepong to Hartamas, his confidence in me has flown so farrr away.

I'm a lousy driver. I ADMIT
And I hate driving

I don't like to drive!!!

In Kepong, I don't know why the f*cking guy stood in the middle of the road (not really middle, but he stood very close to the middle). The road was dark, it's in a Kampung. The guy stood there still, so I thought I won't hit him, because my car was approaching him below 40km/hr, he should have ran aside if he think his life was threatened. Even at a slow 40 km/hr is sufficient to kill! I didn't think much about that, I didn't slow down or stop my car, suddenly

"Stop!!! You are going to knock him down!" Kevin screamed at me

I stopped immediately, it was an emergency break

I think I would have killed him if I didn't listen to Kevin, the b*stard was only few inches away. It's not 100% my fault!

IF YOU WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE, please go away, jump off a bridge or a tall building is faster, most probably you will die before you reach the ground, no pain. I don't want to get arrested because of YOU don't love/treasure your life!

I would like to thank Kevin, he didn't scold me for being so CARELESS and my poor judgment. And I would like to thank the cars behind me, they didn't honk me, THANK YOU, I appreciate it, and I'm super glad they didn't hit my car either, you know...that was an emergency break!

The fellow stood aside angrily (what the hell? It was him to blame), and I re-started my car, but the engine just wouldn't turn on! What the heck?! I tried several times, finally it moved. Kevin said I didn't put into first gear, although I think I did. whatever, bad luck!

If you think things are fine after that, I'm afraid you are wrong.
I nearly hit another car in Hartamas, guess what, it was not really my fault, one funny fellow parked his car in t-junction, I didn't have enough space to turn my car, my car was soooooo close to him, I swear it was really 1cm away! Kevin was so scared, hahaha!

This time, I didn't have the courage to carry on, I switched from driver's seat to passenger seat, let Kevin handled the car. That was the reason why I didn't drive from Hartamas to my home, it's 30 minutes away, I was mentally exhausted, no mood/energy to drive home.


I'm not giving up yet...
I don't want to kill anyone or hurt anyone, I may not be a smart driver, but tonight's accidents were not 100% my fault, you have to agree with me. Anyway, I think I should have chose the automatic gear.

I will be careful the next time.

God bless


Mike said...

Yikes... you sound like an exciting person to be around on the road. Let me know when you're coming to the US, and I'll hide in my house hehehehe.

I've been driving longer than you've been alive, and riding bicycles in traffic longer than that. And it's a huge act of mutual faith and trust out there. No one is 100% perfect, 100% safe, so everyone has to do their best to watch out for the other driver who's not having a good day. Just because an accident isn't your fault doesn't mean you couldn't have prevented it, or that it won't be a huge imposition on your time to get yourself and your car fixed up. I don't recommend it.

On the bright side, hitting someone at 40km/hr probably wouldn't kill them, but it'll make everyone pay more attention next time! Or, as we say here, "that'll leave a mark." I've had too many friends hit by cars, and most survive with little permanent damage. Those that suffered badly were hit by cars going substantially faster than 40km/hr.

But, practice makes perfect. Don't give up!

violetmay said...

I won't tell you if I come, I wanna say "hello" to your car, muahahaha! :P

40km/hr won't kill? Hmmm...maybe I was over worried, hehee! Anyway, you are right, practice makes perfect, I'm not giving up! ^^

Mike said...

"Probably won't kill them" not "won't kill them." I saw an older gentleman bounce off going more than 30 mph and talk to him later and I've had friends hit by cars going that fast and walk away (okay, with broken bones). On the other hand, people die from tripping on the sidewalk.

Practice, pay attention, and you'll do fine!

Just... ummm... let me know if you plan on driving when you're here :P