Wednesday, January 14, 2009

11th, Jan

Hahaha, I'm not finished with my birthday post :P
The previous entries was on 10th, and today is about 11th of January...erm..
*me blushing*
because...we didn't do anything special, LOL!
Okay, we just went for a dinner and movie, that's all

He is not romantic at all :'(

Don't know why suddenly I'm so mad at him,
as I'm typing this...

Okay, let's count 1 to 10












Happy bugs are back!
Hahahaha, actually I didn't mad at him, because I myself is not a romantic person too... ;)

Romantic=time consuming+money(minus minus minus)

Went to TGI Friday's in The Pavilion

Mr Koo

and Miss Voon

=Vrooommmmm (where is my BMW?) :P

Sigh, why it looked so..erm..

much more better than mine

Hiyak, I don't know why I chose TGI, the foods were so so only...

Some "classic" photos before we swallow them

Thank you sweetheart, for the not-so-yummy-foods :P

Chinese New Year is coming soon, in 22 days!
Hahaha, sorry sorry, should be in 12 days!


Year of the Ox, 2009


and, my handsome car is back :)



Dr V said...

Wow...I didn't realize they had TGI Friday's there also! Well your assessment of the food is exactly what people here say too. They do experiement with different ideas, and some are successful...while others are not. But I do hope you had a great time anyway. It's part of your long birthday celebration after all.

Speaking of that, I'm sure you know your Kevin better than anyone else. I just want to remind you of something I'm sure you already know about him. While he may not fit the definition of "romantic" in the glamorous sense, each guy is romantic in his own way. When Kevin let you into his closest circle, he gives you the best of what is most precious to him. From your description, it seems to be his time and money. While we guys do not express ourselves well, our values usually reflect what we feel we do not have enough of. So embrace the time and money Kevin lavishes on you, because if you look into his'll find those to be the most precious gifts he can give to you. And gifts from the heart, are the essence of romantic, right? But guys like him would also appreciate your subtle guidance as well. So feel free to give him hints and directions, to give him a chance to meet your expectations. You'll find him very grateful for the opportunity to please you...and that too is a measure of being romantic. I hope that reminds you of what you love most about Kevin, because it's easy to forget sometimes.

CathJ said...

NIce camera u have ...Very nice photo..

violetmay said...

Dr V
Yeah we have TGI here! But not really special and HMMMMM, maybe I'm too demanding (hey it was my Bird Day!) :P
What you said is right, Kevin may not be a very romantic person in people's eyes, but I know he always tries his best to make me smile, never fail to deliver his love to me :)
And I still have a lot to learn, I need to learn to be more understanding..thank you, for reminding me I have a wonderful man in my life :)))

Thank you! ^^
Maybe you can get yourself one too. They have new models, and it's reasonable priced :D

Dr V said...

Romantic is the personal contract between V V and Kevin, and it's easy to overlook that in day-to-day living. Pressure to conform to some cliche is relentless. Let those voices into your contract, and you'll suck the romance right out of your relationship. So I'm happy to be able to remind you that you see something special in Kevin.