Thursday, January 15, 2009

Terengganu - Day 2

81 photos
Hahaha, are you ready? :P

view from our room

Moody me
okay okay, actually not moody, I just woke up, couldn't look better than this
Believe me, I look 10 times uglier than this photo when I "really" just wake up, you don't want to see :P
*Cheh, nobody says want to see* :P

Breakfast in the coffee shop

Baked beans and french toast


wo de mei ren 我的美人

Coco crunch and cornflakes

After breakfast, thought to change into something nice and walk around the town, was too cold and windy, and I was lazy to get back to, we just walked out like that. Boohoo! Don't expect me to look nice in this series of photos
Tell you one secret...I didn't brush my teeth that morning, and Kevin didn't know, muahahahahahahaha!! :P

Terengganu's flag

Terengganu is so different from Kuala Lumpur, it's so peace...and the weather is totally different (cos of monsoon)

Don't run!
Hahahah, sound so kinky :P

This is me, in Kevin's pants
I brought a lot of dresses, after that I realized I don't really have the chance to wear them

After rained

Pasar Besar Kedai Payang
Morning market in Kuala Terengganu, it's like 5-10 times bigger than our local morning market

And lots of goods, foods, sweets and bunch of some other things that I have no idea what they are

Some sweets...really colourful, but I didn't buy

Terengganu is famous with Songket, Sutera (silk), and some "I-don't-know-their-names" fabrics

We bought some...hmm, will show you some other time, I need to find a good tailor first :)

Break time!

We saw these things on the table..

20 cents each, so we bought 2 (pluck yourself) and try

Seriously I forgot the name, it's a bit sour, I guess they put in vinegar or something like that, very sticky and...the taste is not bad.
Do you think you have the guts to try? :P

Masjid Putih, The White Mosque
It's quite far from our hotel, we walked and walked, didn't realized we actually reached the city center. People were surprised we walked from our hotel to the White Mosque, well I still think it's not too far

Low Fat building :P

You want a piece of me? :P

The bus is so cute!!!

McDonald's here has got Arabic words

We decided to dine in Noodle Station

Checking checking

Where are we?


Wanted to walk back after lunch, who rained like mad
15 minutes after Noodles Station, we went to KFC

Cheesy wedges...
sigh, hard to lose weight

Back to our hotel, took a shower, and went out for foods, again
Dinner in Restoran Terapung Puteri, thought they have barbecue seafood buffet, but due to monsoon season, the tourism industry is running extremely slow (october to January), so no buffet dinner :'(

Rose Syrup

white rice and some local dishes

Okay, that's all for today, I'm very tired...NEED To ZzZzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Nite all! ^^



Dr V said...

Love V V in the glasses!!!!

So what was that you're eating in those leaves? Don't tell me they're worms or something. haha

CathJ said...

Woww...great photos..Never been there b4... Now I knw how terengganu looks like from ur blogs.. ;-)

violetmay said...

Dr V
Are you sure you like me in glasses? Why my friends all say I looked funny in it...? :P
Hmmm...yeah it's worm

Of course NO! It's glutinous rice mixed with A and B, and C and D

Terengganu is a nice place! Planning to go there again in the near future, maybe this time will go to Redang Island! Hopefully la... :)