Sunday, January 25, 2009

Knitted vest, for his X'mas

Yeah I know, Christmas was a month ago, but I just have time to finish it up yesterday. I browsed through my albums just now, and saw what I knitted for him last year. Before I show you the vest I knitted, this is the sweater I knitted for him last year, for his hmm...I think hmmm...don't know birthday or Christmas 2007
It looked nice right?

But unfortunately the size isn't right, it's too small for him
Actually I can re knit, but I'm lazy...

So I asked him to keep and I knitted another one for him, which is a beige color vest for our last year Valentine's Day :)

A very simple and quick one :)

Okay, now this is the vest I knitted for his 2008 Christmas

This pattern needs a lot of time and effort, and of course, patience

After so many rows and so many twisted patterns and all that, I realized I made 3 mistakes
Mistake 1

Mistake 2

And mistake 3
"A" is the original size, after I discovered it's too small for a man, I re knitted, which is "B"

If it wasn't because of the mistakes I made, the vest should be ready on Christmas Eve
On X'mas eve,
Front portion, done!

Back portion, half done...

Darling, you can't blame me...I tried my best

No darling, I won't blame you..
LOL!!! :P

and I LOVE it very much

Hey he really said that!!

After a month, which is today 25th of January..

He just cut his hair

He got his birthday and Christmas presents :)

Nah, eat my toes!

Happy Chinese New Year Eve!



CathJ said...

O...M...G!!!!!!!! Violet!!! U are superb!!!! I love your knitting!!!! Good Job!! U very good.. How on earth you do that!!! How much do u charge for making a sweater??

violetmay said...

Hahahaha, thank you very much Cath! Your message made me smile :)))
I love knitting, it's one of my hobbies! Hmm by the way I don't sell the end goods, but now I'm considering about it, kakakaka :P
If you wanna learn, I can introduce my sifu to you!! ^^

Dr V said...

Awesome job on the knitting! Now I see another of your talents on-display. I think that sweater fits Kevin perfectly, so I don't know what you're saying about it being too small. Maybe you're hinting that you were turned-on by all the Santa Claus statues you saw over Christmas, and you want Kevin to look like that. hahaha Now I understand. VV wants to wear sexy cheongsam, and wants her Kevin to wear sexy Santa outfits. hahaha Well just as long as Kevin wears his cool vest and scarf you made for him when he wears his "Sexy Santa" outfits for you. hahaha Great work my friend! ^_^

violetmay said...

The sweater is really too small, it's just the angle make Kevin looked nice in it, the sweater is my size! (hohoho, I swear I knitted it for Kevin not for myself)