Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese 牛 Year!

Muahahaha, the first day of Chinese New Year,
Happy Ow year
Happy New Year
Happy Niu Year
Happy 牛 Year

Thanks darling, for the Cheongsam :)))

It's 1:26am right now, I'm damned sleepy...Choi! Shouldn't say words like damn, b*stard, f*ck, b*tch etc on the first day of Chinese New Year, hahaha :P

Anyway I'm very sleepy right now, but I wanted to upload photos, so lucky you (or maybe unlucky), you will get to see a lot of my stupiak face today before you work, before you sleep, before you eat, before you sh*t... :P

65 photos, some are similar to another one, lazy to sort it out
Be aware!


Somehow I looked really mature

with mum

I love you mama, LOL!

Hahahaha! :P

In car on the way to my grandparents' place like previous years

My Cheongsam is...quite sexy ;)


Card games


Our outfits are match to each other :)

My aunt, my mum's youngest sister

This little girl is my cousin brother's daughter, his wife is a Thai :)

Aunt and her youngest daughter

My cousin brother, cool~

Stayed for 3 hours, left to my dad's elder brother house
I was bored, and really hot.
Crowded, the fan wasn't helping much and no air-cond in the living room. Thus, looked like this :'(

Well in fact me wasn't the only one

"I'm very hot too!"

My cousin sister Kenke and her Bao Bao

Kenke's elder sis, Miao Miao
Japanese cute girls style ;)

Aunt and I

Dad and Uncle Toong

After that went to my sister Michell's place, it's only nearby my uncle's house

Hue Ru :)

That's my sister's wedding photo

I'll buy you guns next time :P

Went to Uncle Toong's place for dinner a night

Last pic

Alright, now I'm really sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy
I shall go to bed now, night all~



Dr V said...

Happy Chinese New Year V V!!!!! From your photos, looks like it takes a whole year to celebrate the coming New Year, because you had so many stops to make! haha You have a lovely family, and it looks like a very loving one as well. It's a great way to begin a prosperous year. Best wishes to you and all your loved ones!

P.S.: It's NEVER a good time to use those words you talked about...not just on the New Year. ^_*

violetmay said...

Thank you very much Dr V!
Hmmmm, but sometimes we really "need" to use those words, hahaha :P

laverew said...

Your Cheongsam is...VERY sexy.