Thursday, January 8, 2009

Car accident

I want to see these photos?
Should have made this entry the night itself, have more feelings and more to share.
After 10 days of the accident, and after my Terengganu trip, I almost forgot my feelings that night.

Actually, from what I remember was, the cars in front of the car in front of me (confusing?), okay, let's say the car in front of me was E car, there were a lot of other G, H, L, K, O, and Y cars in front of E car, G, H, L, K and O suddenly slowed down (I don't think they stopped, I mean these GHLKO cars seemed to be all "stopped" but I think (and I believe I didn't guess it wrongly) they only slowed down from maybe 90 km/hr to 40 km/hr, and E car which was in front of me was frightened and made an emergency break. Not to say I didn't expect him to stop, I DID know the driver in front of me made emergency stop, I tried to stop too but it was too late because the road was slippery after rain. GOSH!
So, I kissed E's ass
The funny thing was, after I stepped on the break pedal and the car was still moving, what was on my mind was
"This is my turn.. car, I'm going to kiss your ass..."
There was nothing I could do, the lane beside me were all cars, I couldn't turn my wheels to other lane to void this.
I didn't want to look at it, so I chose to close my eyes
2 seconds after I closed my eyes, I heard "bang" and felt the impact. Not very loud as my speed wasn't considered fast. And you see, I have lots of time to think what I should do, this proved the distance between my car and E car was there.

I swear it wasn't bumper to bumper bad traffic, this accident happened in expressway and I didn't drive too fast, I don't even think my car speed was over 80 km/hr because it was after rain.

We drove and stopped aside, the driver in front of me got down, together with his wife and relatives, and there was a child sleeping in the car. I was mad, but I didn't feel like shouting at people. Accident, nobody wants it.
Their car,
yes, not too serious, exactly like the photo shown below

My car,
Hmmm...the real condition was 10 times more serious than this photo, I now understand why people always say "head is harder than butts".
Vice versa, LOL!
In this case, head is definitely softer than butts :'(

The first thing the lady did after she got down was of course checking out her car's bumper, the first question she asked me was
"Are you okay? Feeling dizzy?"

I was really calm, like my previous windscreen's broken incident, I said I was okay, not hurt. We talked about what just happened, and I didn't argue with them about the emergency break he made caused this accident. Because in Malaysia, I would say the responsibility goes to the car which "kiss" people's ass. Means, you kiss people's ass, you have got to pay no matter what.

The men and lady were friendly, we didn't shout at each other, we just discussed the possible solutions. I didn't call anybody, thought to solve it by myself and give Kevin a call later. I realized I should call Kevin only when the lady asked if we should make police report and claim from insurance company or we settle it by ourselves, because she needs the car to drive his relatives from India around town. Making police report and claim from insurance company take longer time.

Something really interesting happened, few minutes after we stopped our car by the roadside, another car stopped in front. There were 2 guys asking if my car need to be towed, I said no, but they didn't go away. Few minutes later, another car stopped behind my car, asking the same question again, this time the lady told them no we don't. Then, fewwww minutes later, another car stopped and ask the same question AGAIN

And no, they are not as "helpful" as you think, I mean, they only wanted to sell their towing service, how efficient! Where they got this news from? I was surprised

All of them didn't go away although we said no, they stood there and talked to each other, something like who should stay or who should leave the spot. Gosh, I thought we just said "no"?

One of them told me I need their service because my car radiator was spoilt and the water was leaking, the car will overheat if I insisted to drive home. I told them my insurance covers everything including towing service, so only 2 guys left until Kevin arrived, together with the birthday boy Aravind (it was 45 minutes after the accident, remember I didn't call Kevin at first?). Before the arrival of Kevin, the lady wanted to go and asked me to contact her tomorrow morning because she was actually on her way to see doctor for her sprained ankle. But she decided to stay with me because too many guys there and she was afraid leaving me alone will put me into another dangerous situation. She is caring and I really appreciate :)

From far (not really far), I told the lady the birthday boy was coming over too, then when the lady saw Aravind immediately she said

"Happy birthday"

After they greeted each other and discussed about the possible solutions, we decided to just go home and think about it again tomorrow morning, it was 1 plus mid night. We only glad nobody's hurt in this accident

My car was towed to my place
Sigh...we were brilliant, still have mood to take photos, hahaha
10 years later, we shall laugh about it ;)

Okay, now you see the REAL condition of my car
I just realized it was quite serious...I didn't check it on the spot, "no eye see"


I swear we weren't as happy as the photos, it's more like a "impulse" smiling reaction in front of cameras

The next morning, I called Kevin's dad's friend a mechanic (actually he is not a mechanic, he sells car's spare parts but good in repairing cars) to go to the lady's house and check if it would cost us few thousands. The lady's husband went to their regular workshop and checked earlier, it's around one thousand, Kevin's dad's friend (okay la, I call him M) said the price was reasonable. The lady decided to send her car to their regular workshop, and I would pay the fixing cost.

After all this mess, I brought M and his sister to have breakfast

Hmmm..we ate Pan Mee :)

This is the end of the entry I guess?
Nope...I still have something to say...

Car...what happened to you? :'(

Huhuhu...why your eyes looked like this?



Dr V said... actually posted photos from your accident! Well I'm glad that you're not injured. And while some might consider the smiles at the car accident scene to be a bad idea, actually I think there is a lot to smile about. The accident could have been a lot worse, and you could have been injured. So I'm in agreement with the smiles. Now, the tow truck operator shouldn't be smiling! haha

CathJ said...

Wow..thats a big...major damages.. and what a kind lady you're dealing with.. You should take her photo as well.. ;-p...
Reind me few years ago.. got accident with a motorbike.. Believe it or not, the man wanted to crush my front mirror with his helmet!!! and its was just a little kiss on his back.. Sooo not gentlemannnnnnnnn!

violetmay said...

Dr V
Yeah yeah, I posted up the photos of the unfortunate day, maybe I should call it a fortunate day, because nobody's injured :)
Er, sometimes I find myself silly, taking those kind of smiling smiling faces in front of erm... But hey! I'm sure the tow truck operator was happy! He takes commissions! ;)

Gosh! The motorcyclist was really fierce...maybe he has constipation and didn't poo for a few days, so when you accidentally "kiss" his back he felt extremely bad :P
Not a gentleman!
About the lady...I thought of that too, but...somehow I felt a little shy to ask :'P