Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Terengganu - II

Sigh, I really don't want to make my Terengganu venture (LOL) to too many parts, after all we didn't do much activities for the past few days.

Raining raining heavy rain, it was way too windy, phucking cold, hardly sweat...
I just realised I "should" upload my last week's car accident's photos, but I didn't have time to check the photos. And I still have a lot of photos taken during X'mas that I like...and lots of other photos.

Chinese New Year is coming and office is really busy...I didn't get to play The Sims and I don't even have time to "pee 'n' poo".

Anyway, photos

We stayed in Grand Continental Hotel in Kuala Terengganu
According to the information map, the hotel is located in front of beach (and I thought oh my god wow!), I think this hotel is considered the best in Kuala Terengganu, I don't know. All I know is they charge RM224++ for a room, it's not really cheap during monsoon season (forget about New Year, almost 0% tourists during this time). The last time I went to Kuala Terengganu was years ago, hmmm...roughy erm...6 years back? When Cynthia, Chee Mei, Pei Mun and I went to Redang Island. We took boat from XXX (forget names again) jetty to Redang Island. One of the beautiful islands in Terengganu. I missed the trip :(

Anyway, I was a...little disappointed when I reached the hotel, because it wasn't what I thought it would be like. So I thought, it's okay, our room is seaview and, it will not be like the "seaview room" in my previous Phuket trip. Ooh well, I was right, it's much more better than the room in Thaweewongsap Inn, Phuket, but...

Excuse me?
Excuseeeeeeeeeeee meee???

I don't mind staying in a no star/ budget hotel when I travel, it's to save cost and means I can buy more! But this time I demanded more, because I know there would not be any good activities during this season and Kevin would need to attend a meeting the whole day and I would be alone in the hotel! I wanted at least a better environment (something like Guoman Hotel in my previous Port Dickson Trip with my family), and I thought I can sit by the beach side, drinking orange juice beside swimming pool, playing sims, online or things like that, but...

1. It was too windy and cold, AND it rained a lot, AND nobody goes to the beach, AND we need to pass by an open air restaurant if we walk from our place to the beach, AND the hotel is seaview but not really beside the beach because we actually need to get out of the hotel itself, AND walk to the open air restaurant AND, to the phucking beach, AND the beach isn't clean

2. The swimming pool was...sigh, okay it looked fine but I didn't see waiters/waitress serving juices and nobody went to the pool because it was too windy and cold. I found myself stupid sitting there ALONE (really!!!) reading the Art of Seduction Kevin bought for himself years ago. Muahahahahaha. And nope it's not a pornography magazine/book, it's just a few hundred pages book with billions of words with 0 pictures

3. I brought my lappie along because I thought there are wireless/wi-fi at least a conventinal internet connection in my room, but guess what? RM10 for 1 hour, WHAT the HeCKkk? I'm stingy, not willing to pay RM30 for 3 hours (Yeah "normally" I need 3 hours once I'm online). Silly!!! I don't have to pay at home, hmmm! And so yeah...I played The Sims for 6 hours the day Kevin went for his meeting.

But, I accepted it after a small complain in my heart, it's still a lovely town :)))
Our room for 3 nights

Grand Continental Hotel

We left our room and hunt for foods

Some photos along the way

We saw a temp Fun fair! ^^

My fried rice

Kevin's Fried rice

Chick peas!!!
My favourite ^^

Hmm...don't ask me why there were sooo many coconuts there

We had supper in a Mamak stall

Going back to hotel...

Night view from our room



CathJ said...

Food make me hungry.. nice camera you have.. ;-)

violetmay said...

Hmmm...actually, the camera I used to take photos (for this whole entry) was Canon PowerShot A550, which is few hundreds only, cheaper than a lot of cameras!! :D
But the photos taken using this camera are always satisfactory...but I guess not much people like the "appearance", heheee :D

Dr V said...

I want to go to Terengganu just for the food! haha I love chickpeas too. ^_^

violetmay said...

Foods in Terengganu are slightly different from Kuala Lumpur. But, I thought you can find chickpeas in your place too? Muahahahaha :P