Monday, January 19, 2009

Terengganu - Day 3

Not much photos on 3rd day, because Kevin went out in the morning and got back in the evening, I was all alone in the hotel, playing The Sin..ahem, The Sims for the whole day
Had our breakfast, almost the same menu, and he just left like that, without sweets and sugar, only bitter gourd
Sigh, I'm a poor little woman

hahaha :P

The same weather

Almost the same food

I was really hungry in the hotel, imagine I didn't eat anything after our 8:30am breakfast
At about 5pm, I was starving so I called Kevin

"Hello Darling, are you still in the meeting?"

"No, the meeting is over and I'm with some people, having tea in a restaurant"

"What the phuck?
I'm starving!!!! and I'm alone for the whole day!!!!
I hate youuuuu!!!!!"

No, I didn't say that, I only imagined I said like that
I'm a GOOD Girl :P

"Ooh...okay, so are you coming back anytime soon? I'm hungry"

"Okay I will leave here in a few minutes, and will bring you for a dinner"

So I waited him for another 1 hour...

My very late lunch, in a local coffee shop, called..."don't know what what what" Kopitiam

and I ordered this "don't know what what what" Fried Rice
Looked spicy, but actually it's not
Hmm, disappointed!

Kevin's squeezing lime

We wanted to go to China Town, it's not too far (maybe 30 minutes by legs, LOL!). We were lazy that night, so we went back to hotel and have the bellman to get us a taxi
The lobby

The taxi we took

Less than 10 minutes later...
But, but the wind was way TOO STRONG! I will show you the pictures later in this entry and it was Saturday.
Terengganu is different from a lot of places, people here work on Sunday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday are their off days. Which means, their Saturday is our Sunday and their Sunday is our Monday. We don't stay up late on Sundays right? You know, Monday blue...huhuhu.... :'(((
This was why, the Chinatown was quiet that night
We stopped for supper

Tiger beer, anyone?
Chinese Tea and my pineapple juice :P

Char Kuey Teow

Fried Chicken Wings

Me couldn't wait
(this is the lady who just had her "lunch" an hour ago, she has a hungry ghost living in her....CHOI!!! Dai Gat Lai Shi)

After foods, it was about to rain...called the taxi driver and he needs time to come
while waiting for him
It was a windy night...

It rained few seconds after the photos above, I took out my little umbrella and..
do you remember this card?


Me, shocked!


See, I told you!!
The wind was TOO STRONG, and it was especially too strong for my little umbrella..
My poor little umbrella "bye" on that night

Before I sleep

Goodnight all!



CathJ said...

Ohhh dearrrr....soo funny the umbrella incident!!! LOL...LOL...but you look sexy tho'..with your hair blow by the wind.. ;-)

violetmay said...

Hahaha, I should try the world's most sexy pose, like Marilyn Monroe :P