Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Terengganu - Day 4

4th day in Terengganu, almost the same boring foods, you will not see this this this again after today, hahaha

They have a noodles counter, you want to eat noodles? Sure! Go cook it yourself!

and so...I cooked it myself..
...ahem, undercooked Kuey Teow mee

Hmm, I better take the cooked foods

Since it was our last day in Terengganu, we didn't go far, decided to take a walk to the beach nearby our hotel

Sorry, wrong pictures...HAHAHA

Okie okie, some photos before we go to the beach

If walls could talk, I need a make over...

We had lunch an hour after our breakfast in a seafood restaurant nearby the beach

Beach photos :)
The beach wasn't really clean and beautiful, but hmmm..considered "ok"
Some selected photos, almost the same view

Hardly open my eyes, haha

The beach looked clean and beautiful under my camera.. :P

Photos of us

Run baby run!
Thunderstorm is coming, LOL! :P

I always do this whenever I go to beachside

Some candid and "not too candid" snapshots of me


It was about to rain..we ran to the nearest coffee shop which I had that "don't know what" fried rice in "don't know what" coffee shop yesterday
Wei don't run too fast!!

Shaved ice on rainy days?
Hmmm...nice! ;)



Dr V said...

Hey, what happened to all the people on the beach? I think SOMEONE forgot to wear their bikini! That would have brought all the beach bums back. haha Afterall, you almost blew away wearing all those clothes. hahaha

P.S.: I think you should have let the restaurant "borrow" some of your cooking their menu won't be so "boring." haha

violetmay said...

Wow who has the guts to wear bikini during monsoon season? :P
If you ever taste the foods I prepare, maybe you wouldn't say the same thing, LOL!!!

Mike said...

I do like the picture of the fence, with dried vines, and the blue wall behind it.

But you knew I would. :)

violetmay said...

Are you sure?
Okay! Promise will cook for you if we meet one day. Hmm maybe xx years later, after I don't have energy to lift up cooking pots, kakakaka :P