Thursday, January 29, 2009

A happy 2nd day of CNY with Cyn

Hahaha, you know I will post photos of myself at the beginning of every (almost all) entries :P

Actually I got to meet Cyn before she flies to meet her "from borneo with love", okay, I mean her love lovely boyfriend. She came to fetch me and we went to OChaCha in The Pavilion. I remember their Ocha/Matcha silk road, simply irresistible!

Picture of the day, I love this pic the most!
I believe she loves it too

One thing very good about her personality is, she is always cheerful and I really love days having her by my side

We always have a lot of topics to talk to, a lot of things pending to share with each other, time really flies whenever we hang out together

Hahaha, I'm not writting her a testimonial, just don't know why I have so much to say about her today :)

Maybe it is something to do with her new hairdo, I really love her fringe!

It was her treat :)
Hmm, must treat her some nice foods when she comes back next time!

Some photos

She says this time she is cutier than me, HAHAHA!!
Yes I agree :P

Her yum

my yum
the same cup of beverage I shared with Ket 2 months ago

And a slice of yum cake, with red bean paste that I love

Don't steal that cake! I'm watching you, kakakaka :P

Love shape, thanks to Cyn's magic hand

Mr self timer



and 4

The same night, Cyn has a dinner and I need to go to my aunt's place for dinner as well, we stopped at the KLCC, me took train home and she shopped alone after that

Shakey hands...thank you Miss anonymous

No comments...thank you Mr anonymous

Never mind, we can take ourselves!
Better than Miss and Mr anonymous, hahaha :P

I was really happy that day, always looking forward to meeting her again :)
Happy 4th day of CNY!
By the way today is my grandpa's birthday, have got to get myself ready and zooooom!



Dr V said...

Green, green everywhere! Green chandelier, furniture, and food. I see you and Cyn like being color-coordinated. haha You both look like you had a great time. ^_^

violetmay said...

Yeah we had a GREAT time :D
I really LOVE her ;)

By the way, we do call each other to confirm colors of the day, hehee!