Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Redang Island is closed due to monsoon season, a.k.a. raining season, so we just stayed in Kuala Terengganu for 4 days and 3 nights.

We didn't go there just to relax, I mean, actually Kevin has a meeting on 3rd on January, so he brought me together :) Flight was on Thursday, which is 1st of January (Happy new year!). It was our first time taking Firefly airlines, the service was unexpectedly good, and the flights reached on time :)

The good thing about taking fireflyz is, we don't have to go to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) or LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), we fly from Subang airport (it was an international airport before the rise of KLIA, LOL), which is roughly 20 minutes from erm...Kevin's home :P
P/S: Short form is not good to me, because about 50% people who knows me/doesn't know me reading my blog is not Malaysian. I'm sorry sometimes I really need to "explain" more :)

The airport was...really quiet, maybe because our departure time is 7:25am..?

Somehow I looked really fat and plump without heels...maybe I gained weight, again?
OOOh NO!!! Not again :'(((((


and...Kevin met his friend!
I forgot his name.

Seat belt

Flying off to Terengganu!

That's Petronas Twin Towers and KL tower

Closer shot of Twin towers

Okay, the photos below were all taken on plane.
It was the first time I felt so in love with the view outside the window :)

I believe angels live here

It was WonderFullllL

Cotton candy

This shot made me think of my Bali Trip :)

An hour later,
about to reach...

Reaching reaching ching ching ching :P

Rainy day....Arghhhhhh!!!

Glad the rain stopped before we reach :)

Now you see, that's the cute mini plane we took :)

to be continued..



laverew said...


The photos from the plane were very good (what kind of camera do you have), of course you don't look like you ever gain weight, your more beautiful than ever.....


violetmay said...

Thank you Larry :)))
I use Canon PowerShot A550 (mainly) and Canon PowerShot S5i (during that trip)
Can't afford to buy EOS! But anyway, the view was really wonderful and I don't need a fantastic camera to snap it all, which is a good thing! :D

Dr V said...

That's are really beautiful airport terminal you have there. Great photos from the plane, and I love those twin-propeller planes like that Firefly you rode.

As for the weight gain...well I think the fact that your clothes aren't bursting open is your answer. Sometimes I think women would rather see their clothes falling-off them, rather than staying on. hahaha But here's something to think about...you could actually afford to gain a few pounds, but that's just our secret. ^_*

violetmay said...

Ooh pleasee...don't ever "encourage" me to gain weight. My stomach will listen :P