Monday, January 12, 2009

My Birthday

Saturday Ket off at 9:30pm, we decided to Yum Cha in Station One, Bukit Bintang.
Hwei Chen, and her boyfriend Alex, Ket and Ah Foo (Ah ya! Ah Foo wasn't there, he was supar busy with work), Kevin and I

Ket Mui dearest

Hwei Chen dearest

Hwei Chen and her dearest Alex

Okay, some "you-don't-want-to-see"/"you-want-to-see"photos, a.k.a. YDWTSYWTS (what the phuck? You call it a short form?)
Anyway, photos


Ket's expression was superrrb!

This one is better :P

Ket bought me this set of L'Occitane skin care product. Good one!! I'm 25, need tonnes of skin care products, this is what I need ;)

Hwei Chen said she needs more time to prepare my present, muahahaha, now I know I will have a handmade present coming coming :P

She threatened me to kiss her otherwise she won't give me "my" present next time we meet :P

Muahahahahahaha :P

Alex was jealous, so Hwei Chen gave him a smooch!

Hey darling! Why are you smiling?
You forget you always do this to your girl friend in public? :P

We decided to take more kinky shots..

"Yikesss!!! Your tongue is very long!"
Hwei Chen was shocked, hahaha :P
but I think my tongue is normal length...

Ket's turn..

After knowing her for so many years, I swear this is the first time I see her horny expression (now I hope she won't kill me for posting this pic up), Hmmm...must keep it for LIFE! :P

And, Kevin has my baby!

What the heck?!
My belly looks so big in this picture!!
No no no no no, I'm not pregnant

Ket bought this cake from Sun Moulin bakery

It's a chocolate cake!
My fa-vo-u-r-itaaaaa

Before they sing me the magic song..

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
da dadaaa.........................~

Cake cutting



We walked Ket to the parking lot :)

I was really happy that day, everything was great and I REALLY REALLY appreciate you, who celebrated this special day with me :))
Thank you very friends for life! ^^

Now I'm looking forward to meet Cyn, 2 weeks time! :P

Do you want to know what Kevin bought me?
You will never guess it right, because I was SURPRISED!
After so many years of getting together...he never thought I need it
But, suddenly he thought of buying me...soft toys
I really laughed seeing the presents he got me :P

Hahaha, this is more like a "1st year dating" birthday present!"
What I mean was, soft toy is too sweet and...excuse me, I think I'm too old for toys, and I wondered why he didn't buy me toys 4 years back when I was...AHEM, younger :P

He said
"You have almost everything you want, from XXX to XXX, I really don't know what I should buy you this year,"

Actually he was right, everyday is my birthday, I don't get presents only on my birthday :)
I think my expression when I got the first soft toy he bought me on my graduation day encouraged him to buy me more, hahahaha!!

I brought this doggy to my office today :)

And you! A big teddy bear!
When I was small, I've always wanted to have a big teddy like this, but I have 4 siblings (5 children including me) and mum couldn't just buy one or two and ask us to share

Number 1 and Number 2
Somehow my big teddy looked so small in the picture? Hmmm?

and a small note book

and a Birthday card

Hahaha, soon you will see the photo of his drawings :P



Unknown said...

Happy happy birthday! You don't look a day over 24. Hope this year will be full of amazing things. :)

CathJ said...

Did he draw the cartoon??? Owww...thas so sweet and funny... must see the real story .. LOL

violetmay said...

Thank you Mr Burnt! ^^
Where is the present you promised? Ahahahahaha :P

Yeah! He drew it, hahahaha :D

Dr V said...

Looks like you had a great time with Kevin and your dearest friends. That birthday cake looked awesome! I'm actually tasting that all the way over here. ^_^ Thoughtful gifts too, and I can see they know your taste well.

What more can I say about Hwei Chen? Tell her it's getting a little embarrassing for me to explain why MY FUTURE WIFE is still being seen in-public with her 'Future Ex' Alex. I'm dealing with it the best way I can, but I'm running out of explanations over here. hahaha

Happy Birthday once again V V! Here's to making this year the most memorable year yet.

violetmay said...

Thank you for the best wishes, Dr V
Hmmm, but the following message will disappoint you :P
My best friend Hwei Chen and her boy friend are so in love with each other, now I'm hoping they don't read the message you left or even if they do I hope they won't take the message seriously, otherwise I might be chopped into pieces, and you won't see me again! ;)

Dr V said...

You know I don't want you to be chopped into pieces and disappear. Afterall, you're going to be the Maid-of-Honor for Hwei Chen and me. AND, you can also be the God-mother of our first baby. hahaha

Mike said...

Sorry I missed it, Violet.

Happy Birthday!!

And many happy returns.

violetmay said...

Thank you very much Mike! ^^