Friday, May 29, 2009

Fried Rice is not good for health!

"Hello darling?" Kevin called

"Hello baby" I surprised he called, he doesn't usually call me this time

"Where are you?" What a silly question :P

"I'm in office, it's working hour where do you think I'm at?" Erm...maybe shopping

"Ooh...I'm in ********, I ate********you******* Malay Kampung fried rice*****?" the network wasn't good, I barely heard what he said

"Huh? You ate Kampung fried rice again?! It's not good for health!!! You don't eat those oily and fried fried fried rice every time you go out!!" I was quite frustrated

"Huh? No no no...I've already taken my lunch, I'm in Court's canteen right now, do you want me to buy anything for you?" Now I heard him

"Ooh, you are in canteen? Good, I want Kampung Fried rice! More chilies please..."

I dislike Malay foods...I only love it,
my love to Malay spicy foods is complicated

About an hour later, Kevin's back with my Kampung Fried rice and Tom Yam soup looked delicious, Mr Kampung Fried Rice

did anyone tells you you shouldn't camwhore with soup?

Now I need shampoo



CathJ said...


laverew said...

Hello again,

I travel halfway around the world to visit with you.....I love your short hair, soup and all.


violetmay said...

CathHehee ;PP

LarryThank you for the comment, Larry :))

Dr V said...

Maybe some people like eating their soup with their hair! Now you have a reason to grow it even longer. hahaha

Happy to see Kevin still works hard at surprising you. Good job Kevin! ^_^

violetmay said...

That Tom Yam soup will not help in hair growing, but I'm not sure if it helps in hair losing...gagaga :P