Friday, October 2, 2009

Dataran Lang

The final entry for Langkawi.
Ahem, finally :P
We went to Dataran Lang the first day we arrived at Langkawi, but it was at night..thus, before headed to the airport, we went there again :)

See the giant eagle statue?


Nearly there

The eagle!

Posing in front of it


She has got the nicest pose ;)

Helen and I

The eagle statue was huge!
Couldn't capture it all if we stood underneath it, we have to move forward to get the whole picture :)
All girls, except Evon, who has been there few times and getting bored of it... HAHAHA, no la, not getting bored of it, there was no parking lot, so she just waited us in car with the air-cond on :P

On the way to the airport

Dropped by a Duty Free shop to get chocolates, liquor, etc.
Cyn getting bored and tired

OMG we waited at least an hour to get them (the good shoppers Evon, Helen, and Sharon) in car.
"Huhuu...what's the time now?" Cyn pointed her watch

Finally...Christine looked exhausted

"Yeah! These are what I bought!" peace!

"I only bought these..." sad face

"What about me?! These things on my laps aren't mine" :'(
Limited space in the car (we need a lorry next time, LOL!), Evon put her stuff on my laps...hey! I remember she promised will bring me out for dinner?!
Hmmpf! Where is my abalone dinner? :P

These are our luggages

Wanna guess which one belongs to me?
Answer= The smallest red bag, and the smallest plastic bag on top of the black color luggage bag in the 2nd trolley. I'm stingy like that :P

Going home, yay!

Take a peep at my small plastic bag...see, chocolates!
Eat, shit, eat shit eat shit (I didn't mean eat shit, I mean after we eat, must shit) finish......It's all in the ocean now :P



Dr V said...

OMG!!!!! I'm so surprised that the airplane could lift-off with all the luggage you and your friends had. I'm positive they must have asked some of the heavier passengers to wait for the next flight, so they could lighten the plane to accommodate all your stuff. hahaha And I understand now why you took so many photos of the eagle. You probably offered him a modeling contract in exchange for flying some of your bags back home. haha

I'm happy you and your friends smiled all the way to the end of your trip. It's very generous that you could share your happy occasion with us. I looked forward to looking at blog to see your photos. Many thanks V V! I almost had as much fun as you all did.

violetmay said...

Haha, nope! Actually there were a few more stingy customers like me, they don't carry big bags, so I guess it was okay :P