Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sugar can do it

I just came back from hospital... Sugar is admitted to hospital, she accidentally ate's poisonous for dogs. I have no idea where the chocolate came from, nobody at home ate chocolate for the past few weeks.

This was all happened about 2 hours ago, after I got down from Kevin's car, I went home, opened her crate and about to prepare her meal, she rushed down to the corridor as usual, and here and there, and finally she got herself something..I saw her munching it, I called her but she ignored me, usually she would run to me whenever I call.. I saw some mud color thingy on the floor, I have got a very bad feeling, I grabbed her quickly, opened her mouth and put my fingers in...

Inside her mouth has got one chocolate coated almond, she ate half...not too much but enough to frighten me, I could guess my cheeks were all pale, immediately I ran her to the sink, opened the tap water and tried to wash the remaining chocolate inside her mouth. It didn't work well, I could smell the chocolate taste as she exhaled. I made her nose stayed in front of the chocolate, said, "NO! remember the smell of chocolate, never never eat it again!" I felt it's still not enough, again, I pointed at the chocolate, said "Sugar, this is a NO!" Sugar was worried, she stayed still in my arms and didn't want to sniff the chocolate anymore, as if she understood chocolate is a big NO to her. You might think I was cruel, but it's the right time to tell her what she shouldn't take, not even a bite.

I told myself I couldn't lose her, I must send her to clinic, I picked up the phone and informed Kevin about the situation, and called the clinic Sugar went for body check-up normally, I remember the vet works everyday, Monday to Sunday. The call diverted to a voice answering machine, it said, 17 and 18 of October are Deepavali Public Holiday. The clinic is not opened. I got very shocked, realized it's public Holiday, which means, there's no clinics today.

I remember there's one Animal Hospital 20 minutes away from home, they operate 24 hours. I took a cloth and wrapped Sugar's shivering tiny body and ready to take off...suddenly, I recalled I only have less than twenty bucks in my pocket, nobody at home except me. I was tears rolled down uncontrollably..Sugar looked at me, she got very scared seeing my cried.

I didn't have enough time to make a sober decision, it's very time-consuming to go to ATM machine and get money, it might be too late... I just wanted to go to the hospital and about the money matter I would figure it out later... I opened the door, and ready to phone rang, I picked it up and Kevin told me he's already nearby my house. I was very glad and touched, I felt much more better.

On the way to the hospital, I asked what if the hospital is closed today too, Kevin said we could go to Seremban and find his friend's dad, who is a vet too. But the journey would take up to an hour. I decided to try my luck...I prayed hard... We reached the hospital in 20 minutes time, and the hospital isn't closed.

I brought Sugar to register ourselves, Sugar looked fine all the way, she shivered a little because she was scared and worried... I told the vet the actual situation, the vet force-fed her some liquid, and few minutes later, Sugar vomitted the 1st time... it took her another minutes to vomit the 2nd and 3rd time. After that the vet gave Sugar a charcoal tablet, it's something to detoxify the chocolate, I don't know. The vet said she should be fine, I could bring her home but she advised me to make Sugar stay in the hospital for a night just to be safe, because Sugar is only 840gram, not even 1 kg. I settled everything, felt released and I smiled a little, thanked the vet and nurses, and went home.

My parents and sister were already home. No one ate chocolates, we really have zero idea where Sugar found the chocolate.

Sugar, I love you so much...
I know you can do it, you will make it...I will see a healthy you tomorrow :)



miaoyi said...

possible to be the choc for prayers?
my mum use to buy a small packet of junks tat include choc and sweets for prayers of the land(地主).Sugar will be fine as she juz had a little? Don't worry. =)

violetmay said...

No wor, mum didn't buy chocolates for prayers, that's why we really have no idea where the chocolate came from. :(((
Anyway she is fine right now! Thank you for your concern :)))

CathJ said...

That was very touching.. and I respect how Kevin could spent his time for Sugar too... YOu both can become a very good parents 1 day.. ^_^

Ayooo... Sugarrr... where did you find the choc???? Pity her...

It's fine to scold her and teach her that way.. even to my boy I will do the same.. It's all for their own good. ^_^

Pls take photo of Sugar after he recover k..

Take care..

violetmay said...

Taking care of puppy is like taking care of babies, they don't know what they can and what they can't eat :'(
I couldn't imagine if she swallowed the whole chocolate without me noticing it, I'm really glad I saw it when she started to munch! :)
Thank you for the message Cath, I appreciate :))

Dr V said...

I'm happy that you were alert, and that Sugar quickly received medical attention. Otherwise it might have been really scary for Sugar. She might have eaten a small amount, but she's also a small dog. That's really strange how chocolate came to your place. Perhaps it was something your sister's children left behind. Whatever the case, I'm sure that Sugar saw where the candy fell, and was probably waiting for a chance to go after it. Lucky for her that you pay attention to what she eats. I'm the same way with my dog, because she'll eat anything that's not in her food dish. You can put all the chocolate you want in her food dish, and you'll never have a problem. ^_*

Well I'm happy there's a successful ending to this story.

violetmay said...

Sugar really loves to eat, I guess there's no way to stop this habit.
Maybe I should give her more training which I don't really want to :(