Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kevin's cousins in HK, and some good foods!

Called Kevin's cousin sister Margaret once we settled down in the hotel, she was getting married soon. We wanted to meet her badly because wouldn't go to Xiamen China for her wedding ceremony this month. She was engaged with clients, thus Alex (Kevin's cousin brother) met us for tea before dinner.
In Kowloon Bay Station, while waiting for Alex to come over :)

Before I changed my attire to Kitty :P

Aiyak, went to this nice restaurant for tea break, stupid silly siao me forgot to take photos of the name of this restaurant!

We met 2 years ago, he didn't change much, still talkative and friendly! :)
And still a bit shy, LOL! :P

He ordered a lot of foods that we don't recognize the names

Something like "Lo Mai Kai", but not Lo Mai Kai..because Lo Mai Kai is normally black in color

"Xiu Mai" 烧卖

Some bao

"Har Gao"

"Lo Bak Gou"

We ate a lot...I thought it's dinner until Alex told us we're meeting Margaret in about an hour time -_-" Too much of foods! Anyway who doesn't like to EAT? :P

Alex and I

With my sweetheart :)

With the help of mirror ceiling...I got to snap a picture of us three

After Alex got back to his office, Kevin and I just took our time walking around the mall, we walked out and found a nice garden outside the mall...ah wait, I just realized I only snapped a few shots there, no "garden view"!

Margaret and Alex brought us to this Restaurant called "Dao Cao" 稻草 oppss should be Dao Xiang 稻香

with Margaret!

I like this I like this :D

We ate a lot that day..

Last few shots before we said bye
Kevin and I really hope they will find a day and come to Malaysia, we would love to bring them for local foods and show them around! It was very nice of them spending their time and showed us around. I still remember Alex brought us to The Peak 2 years ago! :)

Picture of the Day
Drunkard and I :P



CathJ said...


violetmay said...

Hahaha, lots of good foods in Hong Kong, but...I still prefer hot and spicy foods much better! ;)

Dr V said...

I'm definitely hungry now after looking at your photos! ^_^ "kitty attire" huh? Let me guess. You mean you wore one of those outfits that has the long kitty tail, and the feet covered to look like paws? ^_*

Looks like you had a great time with Kevin's cousins. Not hard to do with all that good food. ^_^

violetmay said...

It's not only foods, but delicious foods :P