Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I know you miss Sugar :)

I didn't take photos of Sugar for quite some time, thought some of you might missed her :)
She is doing well, still in small size. Brought her for grooming yesterday, and took some photos of her. Everyone in the Pet Saloon said "Ooh my! Why your dog/puppy (whatever) is so small?!"
Hey she grew up a lot! Don't say I didn't feed her la pleaseeee

This time, I went to the new pet saloon nearby my office, guess what? The groomer was about to cut Sugar's hair (without asking me)! GLAD I was there to stop her, the groomer should have asked before they style/do whatever shits -_-"
The groomer didn't tie Sugar's hair, but I think it's okay :)

Hahha, "treats" to make her stay ;)

This saloon charged RM25 for basic grooming, much more cheaper than the saloon we usually visit. I paid around RM55 for each session (only basic grooming!) in previous saloon. Hmmm...but the service of this new pet saloon is merely so so. Well I will see how :)

Bye, muackssss ^^



Dr V said...

Of course we miss Miss Sugar! And it's nice to see that she still has that sparkle in her eyes. In the past, I thought you were using those "Sparkle Juice" drops to get those sparks, but now I think MAYBE Sugar might just be happy. haha

The groomer might have been part of the Malaysian Taskforce trying to uncover signs of under-fed dogs. So the groomer was trying to get to the bottom of the matter with Sugar. Desperately looking for signs, but only finding-out that Sugar likes eating Groomer Fingers more than her doggie food. haha That's right Sugar, remove the fingers of any groomer that tries to make you look hideous!!!! haha

Great seeing Sugar again, and the captions are also very interesting to read. ^_^