Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jumbo Kingdom 珍寶王國

I went to Jumbo Kingdom 珍寶王國 (located in Hong Kong's Aberdeen Harbour) with my mum and grandpa 10 years ago, I was only 15 years old...
This place didn't change much, but I've changed a lot :P
I remember I wore a man's shirt (I was so into SEED menswear that time, LOL!) and khaki pants. We even went for the boat ride! Inside the boat, there was a black color poodle... I took a few photos with her. The photos are nicely kept in my photo album, didn't feel like posting those up, because...that time, maybe that few years in my life, I didn't like to smile in front of camera, all "black-face" shots, just like people owing me thousand dollars :P

Ah see!
Now I have a very nice man to travel with :P

Some photos, only 21 shots. It was going to rain..we skipped that boat ride

Wow...which is mine? :P

Jumbo Floating Restaurant
We should've went there at night -_-"

Our new friends, Malaysians too! ^^

Next Station...Repulse Bay!



Dr V said...

I'm really impressed with Kevin and V V. Having so much money that they can't remember which yacht belongs to them means they're stacking LOTS of money under their mattress. hahaha Maybe they're all yours. That should settle that question. ^_^

Too bad you couldn't ride the boat. They look so colorful. Maybe next time. And next time you will be back to Jumbo Kingdom before you've changed back into wearing men's shirts and khaki pants. ^_*

violetmay said...

Who knows we might go there again 10 years later with our children, and all of us wear khaki pants! LOL :P