Monday, October 19, 2009

Sugar is home :)

The vet called this morning, informed me Sugar's fine now, the blood test showed her blood, liver, kidney etc are in good condition, and I could bring her home :)
Sugar was very excited when she saw me, I took her from the nurse's hands, I could feel Sugar has lost weight over the night :'(

On the way bringing her home
She looked very tired, I guess she didn't sleep well last night. Usually she sleeps only when I sleep

"See see...the vet wrapped my hand, it's pain-painful.." :'(

She was very sleepy...her hair was messy, has no time to bath her yesterday!

But I was very happy seeing her again, although she has no energy to "entertain" me :P

Cute belly :)

I love you, muackksss

Sugar's food for the next few days


I couldn't tell how much I appreciate the existence of Sugar, I'm extremely glad she is now safely and healthily back to my arms again :))
My dear friends, thank you very much, thank you for your concern... Sugar is alright now :)



CathJ said...

Awwwwwwwwww... so cute.... ayo got bandage??? Pity her... T_T

violetmay said... worries la she's fine now :)
The only problem now is how to remove the bandage without cutting her hair ;)

Dr V said...

So happy to see Sugar doing so well now! Sleeping in a hospital is not easy, and eating when you're not-well is also a little tough. Sugar will return to her usual self when she's been able to eat and sleep according to her usual routine. If you want to keep Sugar up all night, because you're playing cards with her...then that's up to you Mommy VV. haha Seriously, no doubt her sleepiness is also a sign she's relaxed again, now that you rescued her from the vet hospital.

P.S.: Don't think too much about cutting the hair when you remove the tape on her wrist. She'll be out-of-fashion for a few weeks, but she'll grow the hair back soon.

violetmay said...

I removed the tape that day, cut some hair...and felt so sad seeing the dried blood on the cotton :'(
Don't worry as she is totally fine now ;)