Monday, October 5, 2009

Forest and Cirphy's marriage registration! :D

Last Saturday, was my 3rd time going to Thean Hou Temple in these 3 weeks, 3 weeks continuously!
3rd of October is Mid Autumn Festival, Forest (Guo Wei) and Cirphy (Joan) decided to tie the knot in this special day :)
On the way to Thean Hou Temple

Joan and Eling :)

Guess what?
I didn't really have to bring my camera, because...


So many cameras!

I the moon and the stars in the sky..


Photo session
Joan's secondary schoolmates :)

Guo Wei and our family members

Guo Wei and Joan invited quite a lot of friends, over 20!
While they were busy taking photos, Eling and I walked around, snapped photos of ourselves


Mum getting hungry

Dad and mum

We joined Joan after a short while :)

Lovely couple

More photos!

Guo Wei and Joan's friends
I just counted...25 of them. Gosh! I couldn't imagine how many friends are coming for the next year's wedding ceremony, must be a lot more ;)

Take 2

and 3

That's the lucky girl! ^^

According to Joan, she is "Ah 6" ;)

Some of Joan's best friends

Our family

Guo Wei's family

Guo Wei's brother and sisters

Joan doesn't use cosmetic, I helped her to style hair and make up, hey I just realised my make up skill is quite good...AHEM! :P


They have my best wishes! ^^

Now all my sisters are married, left me and my brother Weng. Wait I sense something...all of my relatives and friends are going to ask me "the question" over and over again! ;)

Don't ask me, ask Kevin...

Actually I know, just don't wanna tell you :P



Dr V said...

Joan looks totally gorgeous! I'm sure Forest was so mesmerized that he could hardly speak his name. haha Your parents had that "...just one more daughter, and a son" look on their face. Job well done mom and dad! If you knew you'd have such beautiful daughters, you should have had about 100 more. ^_*

How touching that you did Joan's make-up. Well I hope you gave her some sunblock SPF 10,000,000, because all those cameras are sure to give her sunburn. haha It's great to see they have so many special friends who wanted to be there, and remember the event with photos.

It's great that they could pick such a memorable day to get married. You know my mother's birthday is also on the 3rd of October. So now I don't have any excuse for not remembering to send them an anniversary present every year. ^_* Well this year I wish them much happiness and long lives.