Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival :)

We celebrated on 4th of October, a day late.
"we", referred to Eling and I, hehee ;)
There was a Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 function held on 4th (Sunday) nearby my house, Eling and I didn't play tanglung (lantern) for years, kind of miss the old good times, when we were very young, mum always bought tanglung for us and we would walk around the housing area to celebrate this special day. This time was different, mum and dad went for a short trip, Joan didn't want to join us, so just Eling and I went to join the crowds :)
Another photo post, 43 pictures!
I've gotta feeling, that tonight is gonna be a good night, tonight is gonna be a good good night..~

Lot of people!

Lining up to get the freebie

Got it!
The gift bag has got 1 mooncake, 1 tanglung, 1 bottled water, 1 face mask, 1 matchbox, some candles and a "Popo" crackers

Some people put the mask on, the weather was freaking hot, we were lazy to use it

Come on baby light my fire..~

Our tanglung! ^^

I don't remember the last time I play tanglung ;)

Eeeee..what's so interesting there?

Nice butts?

No! It's fireworks!
We were delighted, didn't expect this :D


Us 2, aiks! Bad angle -_-"

Traffic police

One day, they will become like...


They actually used tanglung to decorate lorry, impressive!

Cute boys


Cute girls

and 2

Sigh, so many cute people out there, so many kids

How to pose with a mooncake?
Like this?

As long as not this -_-"

Traffic police blocked the road,
the street was full of happy people like us :)

We walked around the housing area with a tanglung in our hands :)

Lion dance!
And some other performances

I'm really happy Eling took the time to accompany me that night, she was tired after spending the whole day discussing about her wedding ceremony with her husband (OMG did I just say HER HUSBAND?!) oh yeah she is married!! ;)
Next year, she might be going to Andy's hometown to celebrate this special day, hmmm I hope we'll still celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival together in the future :)

So, how was your Tanglung Festival? :)



CathJ said...

My hubby is Chinese... and you know what he don't even know when is the mid autumn festival.. hahhaha... My MIL was in China soo nobody aware about it... until I read some blog about the festival... sigh..

violetmay said...

Aiyak...so your son didn't get to play Tanglung? Hmmm it's ok there's always next year :))

Dr V said...

I would have stood in line for weeks to get a mooncake! haha You know...you should have traded your other goodies in your bag, so you could get more mooncakes. haha Afterall, I don't need a mask anyway, I'm required by law to keep my face covered at all times when I'm out in public. So there! haha

Your camera does very well with night photos. Love the fireworks, and also the bright lights. But your camera did well with the faces also. ^_^

I had my usual mooncake and jasmine tea for the Festival. I never celebrated with Tanglung before. Maybe the local gov't is afraid I'd burn down the city if you gave me a lighted lantern. haha I did take some nice photos of the moon though. It was a beautiful clear night, and not even that cold at 2:30 am when I took my shots. Go to my blakmagic photostream to see 1 of my photos.

It's great that you could still be a kid with your sister too. I'm sure that you all have fun memories of Festivals in the past, so it's good that you had someone who still wanted to go with you this year. ^_^

Thanks for the cool photos V V!