Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vanish into thin air

If one day, your mum tells you she doesn't love you anymore, how would you feel? My mum loves me, I'm just saying "what if"
Your mum loves you need no reasons, excuses.
Your mum loves you is not because you give her a lot of pocket money, not because of you are brilliant, not because you are anything extraordinary.
She loves you because she loves you, it's from bottom of heart. There's no reasons, no excuses needed... Even one day, you break her heart, she would never give you up, never leave you

Life is like a dream, you wake up tomorrow and find out you are in a different place, meeting different people. The unexpected isn't that unexpected after all. How long are we going to stay in this earth? Rubbishes everywhere, useless, meaningless, lifeless...suddenly I feel so small, so tiny...barely there... I'm just another rubbish out of those rubbishes. One day, I'll be washed out, perhaps another dimension does exist

It's about to rain, I could hear the rainstorm...I expect it's going to rain heavily tonight. Put your blanket on, let dream leads you to a different world
I feel myself is vanishing bit by bit..into thin air