Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hong Kong Day 1

I totally forgot about my Hong Kong trip photos..maybe not forgot, just thought I forgot. Every time I looked at my HK photos, I have to tell myself to forget about it...TOO many photos! I didn't know which to choose. Right now, I've made up my mind, just delete delete delete all those boring and sexy one :P
Anyway, my HK posts would be really boring, photos and photos.
Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to create a Flickr photo album, but, I don't really like to upload too many "public" photos on my Flickr site.
To be frank, I really don't have much time to organize photos

About there..
Don't you think these little islands look like erm...boobs or butts? :P

Have got to fill up Health Declaration Form as requested

Hmmm...where is the passenger?
She was hiding behind the screen!

HK International Airport

The man

and the lady
We brought only 2 luggages

Going to city centre, by tour van..Kevin signed up a tour programme 3 days before leaving Malaysia, they have tour guide to pick us from airport, and drop us to the hotel (hell no! It's not even a "hotel", it's only a budget hotel). I felt cheated...anyway, the tour package price was considered cheap after we deducted transportation charges and some amusement park entrance fees.

Hong Kong is not a new place to Kevin and I, both of us went there several times, but this time, our feelings were different. Hmmm I didn't know why...maybe we could sense that Typhoon 3 and Typhoon 8 the first day we reached? LOL!

What's the name of the bridge again? -_-"

Ahh!!! HSBC!!!
Harimau Suka Binatang Comel :P

our hotel, the Bridal Tea House Hotel 红茶馆酒店
It's not really a hotel, it's more like a budget motel. They have got several branches, the one we stayed was in Yau Ma Tei, which is a new branch.

Our room...the beds were right in front of the door.

The bathroom
Guess what?
We have to close the door if we wanna use the bathroom, which means, if we wanna leave the room, we have to squeeze together at gap between the main door and bathroom, otherwise we wouldn't have enough space to open the door -_-"
Could you imagine the size of the room? The rooms are all in standard size, you wanna change rooms? Sorry! The hotel was fully occupied! Their business was quite good although rooms are small huh? :P
And one more thing! The price we paid was not really cheap..I guess all monies go to the travel agency -_-"

We have 2 single beds in the room. The size of the single bed was smaller than standard single bed

Spot the TV!
Hahaha you think we have enough space to put our luggages? Noon time, we have to put it on bed, at night before we sleep, we put it on the floor. If we put our luggages on floor, there would be no space to move. Wanna go to bathroom at night? No problem! Just step on my bed (next to the bathroom) to get into bathroom!

Okay okay...all of you might think I've jelly brain, talking nonsense, cheating people
I...lied, our room wasn't that small, we even have a living hall!

Heck NO!! How I wished this set sat in our room, but unfortunately, it sat next to the lift, which is outside our room, and it's not "ours" -_-"

View from our window

Us two

Don't get me wrong, actually I kinda like this hotel, it's very clean (and new!) and the location was good ;)
If I were to rate this budget hotel, I would give it 6/10.
1 for location
1 for new and clean mattress
1 for the TV (HAHAHA)
1 for the amenities (It's behind the bathroom mirror! Not all budget hotel provides amenities, anyway I didn't aware of it until the last day) -_-"
1 for the nice curtains (BuAHAaha)
1 for coffee tea and sugar, I'm such a "cheap lady" Hehee!

What I don't like
1 The agent overcharged us (if we paid cheaper price I wouldn't bother to talk so much here! Should have stayed in the hotel we stayed previously), Ah wait! This has nothing to do with the hotel.
1 the bathroom is too small (I bang myself at the door and wall when I showered with my eyes shut)
1 no place to put luggages
1 the bed is smaller than the standard single bed
1 I could hear what the uncle and aunty discussed next room, I didn't want to hear about the craps they talked! which means, they hear our conversation too...I secretly hope they didn't hear me saying the nanny next door wore too sexy for her age... :'(



Mike said...

This should be an interesting set of pictures. You never fail to disappoint. And, dare I say it, you look great in that dress!

CathJ said...


violetmay said...

Hahaha, thank you Mike, you will see more photos later :)))

Don't sigh! Just buy air ticket and cabut with your boy! :P

Dr V said...

Your hotel looks really great for people who have not come to Hong Kong for the first time. For people familiar with the city, then location becomes the most important quality for a hotel. So in that way, I think you were satisfied. The small beds and the lack of storage for luggage is something you hear Americans always complain about. Mostly because Americans travel with so much stuff in their bags, and also carry so much stuff in their bodies. So those small beds would have been pushed together for a typical American to support 1 leg, and the other would have to rest on the luggage. hahaha

And what's this about listening to other people's conversations? Perhaps bringing all that spy equipment helped you entertain yourself, but those poor people next to you were just trying to have a private conversation! haha

I've never been to Hong Kong, but now I'm more anxious to go after looking at your photos. ^_^

violetmay said...

HK is a good place, Kevin and I love the city...that's why we're planning to go there again and again! :)