Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Actually I don't like this picture of myself, da~ Anyway better than no pictures -_-"

Went to Alor Setar and Hatyai for the long weekend with Kevin and his parents, it was fun but I was kind of worn out...not enough sleep! ;)
Took lots of pictures without me, for some reasons, I no longer like to snap pictures of myself, hmm..okay, I still like but the feeling's not the same, just, maybe I've finally grown up :P
Tomorrow is my darling Kevin's birthday! Gosh he is old hot, LOL! I bought him something...which he really need (I think so..) I always think he may need "this" and "that" but sometimes he may not really need it, just I thought he needs so I bought, aiya very confusing, but anyway I've spent the money and I hope he likes it.
No more knitted vests and scarves for this year, too busy! I hope he will not disappointed with the present I bought him...it's just a small one anyway..
Ahem! I don't think he minds, as long as I give him enough kisses and hugs tomorrow, HAHA :P

We're going to watch The Twilight Sage: New Moon tomorrow!!! Kevin bought Saturday tickets on Wed, but unfortunately we couldn't make it (as we went to Alor Setar for the weekend!), he gave the tickets to his neighbor. This noon I went to the cinema and bought the tickets! I'm pretty sure it's a suitable movie for tomorrow, love love romance romance...hehee! I remember he brought me to watch the horror movie "THE WIG" on my birthday!!! That was 3 years back, guess what, my hair was exactly the same with "The Wig". I was so mad at him because it was my birthday and what a lousy movie he chose. 'was thinking
It's creepy... I regret I googled "The Wig" just now, I shouldn't have linked it, you should google it yourself! Anyway as I remember the movie wasn't that scary, but still scary. But, it's just when you have very long hair, and the movie was talking about the haunted long hair (the wig)... how would you feel? I wouldn't want to look at the mirror at night.. I'm not sure you get me but anyway you have to figure it out yourself as my brain hardly digest/explain anything right now, sleepy bugs attack!
Ah, one good thing, my hair isn't that long now, yeah!!! It's the first time I love my hair short! :P
Goodnight people! ^^



CathJ said...

You went to Hatyai?? hehehe.. I went to Hat yai on last friday until sunday (blogging about it now).. wahh.. may be we were just shoulder to shoulder when walking around but never noticed to each other... hahahahaha...

Dr V said...

Happy birthday Kevin!!!!! Best wishes for long life, good health, and lots of loving friends and family to share them with.

I'm sure Kevin will love your thoughtfulness, so it doesn't matter what your gift to him will be. He'll love it because it comes from your heart. And, because it represents proof that you spent time thinking about him.

Have fun at the new Twilight movie! I seriously love vampire movies, but this one has me a little scared it might be too sweet. And I can't be seen coming out of the theater after watching a sweet movie. haha