Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bangkok Day 2!

Woke up late, missed our hotel breakfast buffet...we didn't plan to dine-in hotel anyway, it doesn't matter :)
That's our hotel, the lobby is quite nice although room was smelly. Wait, I did mention about that, didn't I?

Around our hotel

A man selling "Gai Mou Sou"
HAHA, did your mum use gai moi sou to punish you when you were young? :P

Hwei Chen with corn, that was our breakfast. It was not we're stingy like that...we just wanted to make full use of our time, more time to shop!

First station...Platinum Fashion Mall!! :D


We spent hours, HOURS! in Platinum Mall, we merely managed to cover half a floor, I have no idea it was us spending too much time in each shop or too many colourful items in each shop attracted us, stopped us from walking away. This was terrible!! Girls you better don't go to Platinum Mall if you don't intend to spend much! Otherwise you might want to cry...
Nah, the one and only pic we took in Platinum Fashion Mall, I bought 10 t-shirts in this shop!

I was wrong, this was taken in Platinum Mall too, in food court.
We have to buy prepaid card at the counter, it's something like Touch 'n Go.

Couldn't wait!! It was our late lunch

Went back to hotel in the evening, all prepared...wanted to go to Chinatown for dinner, and later to Nana and have some liquors!
Our matching sandals

Hotel lobby.
Errrr...I didn't know my dress was that low cut. It must be the lighting ;)

Before we got in taxi, we told the taxi driver we wanted to go to Chinatown, and made sure he uses meter. Few minutes later...the driver asked if we wanted to have dinner. Of course! The fucking stupid driver said there are a lot of Chinatown! We insisted there's only ONE and he said, "No no no...a lot of Chinatown, I can bring you to nicer Chinese restaurant..." something like that. Apparently he didn't want to fetch us there. I didn't buy his idea, he has no choice guess what, he told us Chinatown is closed today. FUCK HIM, it was Sunday night, Chinatown is closed?! Do we look that stupid? Gerrrrhhhhhherrrrrrrrr!!! I was upset, and I questioned him...
"If Chinatown is closed why didn't you tell you earlier? then WHERE ARE WE GOING RIGHT NOW?" The car was moving! Heading nowhere?

"No...no Chinatown"

"WHY didn't you tell us earlier?! THERE'S CHINATOWN"

"If Chinatown you take tuk tuk" well, the tone of his voice was very sickening, like we OWE him money. This time he really pissed me off, he has this SHIT face everyone wanted to slap him! He only wanted to bring us to expensive restaurant and get commission from foods we ordered, MORON!

I demanded him to stop, I got too furious I opened the door before he stopped.
He said wait he wanted to park aside, I didn't want to wait, yelled at him "STOP NOW" He got frightened and stopped immediately. We got down from taxi, slammed his car door, REALLY HARD, hailed another taxi and off to Chinatown. It was merely 70-80 baht, maybe it was too little to the fucker


There are a lot of restaurants/stalls selling shark-fin's soup, bird nest and seafoods. See Christine was delighted! :P

Us 2 :))

We went straight to the roadside stall recommended by Alex, which sells huge cockles, not cockless okay? Kevin made me image google it...try yourself, with SafeSearch mode off :P

It was our favourite!!! Gross? NAH! We just love it :P

The old lady has been selling cockles for years


Right after we consumed 2 big plates of cockles, we went to another roadside stall, selling seafoods

MUAHAHAH, we ordered these much!!

Kidding...that's next table. Foods ordered by a bunch shemales :P

We only ordered fish and prawns

"Gar gou"

Hahahaha, look at her!

Soon after that, we went to another stall...ordered sharfin soup and bird nest. We ate a lot that night

300baht for this big bowl

Birdnest, 80baht with ginkgo. Plain one is 50baht
Mad cheap! Alright I know the quality might not be as good, but...it's a must try in Chinatown, you'll see a lot of stalls and restaurants selling it ;)

After this bowl of bird nest...somehow we didn't have mood to go to pub anymore. (Alex and Kevin must be mad happy) We just went back to hotel and slept earlier.

End of the day...
I spent too much, it was Day 2 but I almost finished all the money -_-"
Ah...let's see if I have enough cash to spend on Day 3... and Day 4 :P