Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shenzhen Day 1

Took train fron HK Mong Kok East station 旺角東站 to Shenzhen Lo Wu 羅湖站, it was about 45mins to 60mins.
Yay!! No more HK posts.. -_-"
It was an unexpected trip to Shenzhen China, Kevin thought 7 day in HK might be a boring idea, he signed up a 3 days 2 nights tour to Shenzhen :)


Met our personal tour guide in Lo Wu Station after we had our passport stamped
He is errr...I just realized I forgot his name. Whatever! He hailed a taxi (he paid) and went straight to our hotel
In taxi
It was a Saturday, 星期六
Can I have that cute cushion cover too? :P

Our hotel Green Tree Inn.
Personally I prefer the hotel we stayed previously, which is nearer to malls

Our room
After few nights struggling in small room, we thought this room was superb. Some more, free wi-fi

That was the only luggage, we kept our stuff in HK hotel

After that our tour guide brought us to a restaurant nearby, which only serve Halal foods...
HEY you thought we don't eat PORK?! What the heck -_-"
Anyway we settled there as we saw a lot of people dine-in there, it couldn't be that bad right?

We're not allowed to take photos, I insisted to take photo of Kevin, HAHAHA

After that, walked arounf Dong Men 东门

See that kid in green shirt?
He grabbed the lady's leg, asked the man to pay him some money otherwise he wouldn't let go...terrible right? The man scolded him and the lady struggled to get rid of the kid, but the kid was really stubborn. It's a new trick to force tourists give them money. How ashamed!
This photo was taken right after the man paid him..ladies and gentlemen, be careful of these small kids if you go to Shenzhen, our tour guide mentioned about it before we witnessed it! I was so worried, because I have an anklet!

Back to hotel, showered and all that. I realized I didn't bring any t-shirts. So I wore one of the new shirts we bought earlier, HAHAHA



This shaved ice was cute it deserved 2 pictures. Hmmm but don't try it, because it was overly sweet, not too nice ;)

That's Day 1 :)



CathJ said...

Poor kids... sometimes they was forced by syndicates.. If they don't get any money will be abused.. so the little 1 have to do anything to get the money..

violetmay said...

Yeah, sometimes I don't know if we should give them money or not. If we don't, they will be abused, but if we give money, they will kidnap more children and make them slave, and abuse more children :'(