Friday, February 19, 2010

Updates of me life

Days have been busy, Chinese New Year mood is finally over, I'm back to work. A lot of work needs to be done within this month, total madness...I've been spending much time on work these few weeks.

I didn't update my blog for a few days, Chinese New Year visit is one thing, worksssss is another one, and the main reason is, my system is low on virtual memory, my drive is overly full... more than 45GB photos in my laptop, and I forgot to buy blank DVD whenever I go out, I have a lot of new photos in my memory stick, yet to transfer it to my laptop. Grrrr....I must buy some blank DVD tomorrow! I hope I wouldn't forget again.

Went to Ichiban Boshi, The Pavilion for lunch
I HATE Wasabi, Kevin's preparing that for himself :P

Tuna Mayo
I used to LOVE Tuna Mayo, but I really think my appetite change as I grow up old. Like, I used to eat chicken breasts only, but now I find drumstick/thigh is much better

Salmon Tataki

Kevin's favourite...
He kinda forced me to try one, he knew I HATE raw foods, HATE sashimi...

No harm trying...who knows I'll love it?

It was superlicious I swear!! But I didn't eat the whole plate (HAHAHA), I only ate 3 slices (out of 5 LOL) although it was great. Hmmm...I shouldn't eat too much raw foods in one go

I ordered a small plate of sashimi for Kevin, see I'm a nice girlfriend :P
(I didn't touch this plate!)


Unagi with cheese

Salmon Kabuto Miso Soup
Salmon again..

Give me a bowl of white rice, I think this goes well with white rice, hehee ^^

After lunch, we watched Percy Jackson & The Olympian: The Lightning Thief ...queued up almost an hour (was it more than an hour?) just to get the ticket, crowded everywhere...I know most of the people are still on CNY holiday, will resume work on next Monday, that's why the crowd in every places :(
Kevin and I loved that movie, just don't expect too much, relax and might like this movie too :)
Hong Kong Dessert Place for dessert (very obvious huh?)

Showing off my Naraya bag from BKK! :D

I got that cute shirt for Kevin, from BKK too :))

Red Bean, Sweet Corn, Sago with Mango Lo

Kevin got these CDs for Me and Himself :)

That's all!
I will try to update more often, thank you for staying! :)