Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Grand Palace, Bangkok - Part 2

I'm very sleepy...I should be lying on bed at this time, it's not I often sleep at this time, sometimes I could stay up late just to tv drama / FBing.. but today is quite different, my eyelids are half shut, I have no idea why my brain insisted me to write this entry before I go to bed, anyway, 48 pictures!
Hope you like the photos I took :)

Christine, my best friend :)

A good model she is! :D
I really HATE when I take out my camera and people go "EEh, don't take my photo!!"
Okay, fuck off, I wouldn't take your photos the next time you beg me.
Hmmm...unless you have reasons, like you just woke up, you look sucks that day etc, hey! Maybe that's the reason I wanna take your pic! HAHAHA

Now I have to confess...sometimes I say "Hey don't take my photo" too -_-"
I hope the photo-man wouldn't say "fuck you" in his heart :P

Angkor wat!!!!

It's a mini model of Angkor wat, not the real one (as if people don't know Angkot Wat is in Malaysia Cambodia!)

Random pics

Gold, gold gold gold gold gold
Gold color is a good color for CNY, maybe I should get a gold shirt tomorrow, hehee :P

Bling bling bling
You wouldn't want to imagine the face of the tourist, who helped to take this photo, he must have thought we have mental problem. LOL!!!

Spot me!
It's super hard to get this snapshot

We really LOVE to take a photo together, at the same background, we saw a lady who has got this DSLR camera, she snapped here and there, I thought she's good...asked for her help, she's more than willing to. I told her I want Phra Si Rattana Chedi as background...
I expected good snapshots under her professional hand!

What's this?!?!?!?!?!?!
What's the point of taking "OUR" photo? If we wanted a photo of "US", we wouldn't bother to run all the way up, stood in front of Phra Si Rattana Chedi.. This could be a VERY nice capture if she didn't zoom in, we were so disappointed! Didn't bother to take another photo again :S

More pics

Sigh...guess what, 9 of 10 people (they were tourists) who helped to take our photo really have zero idea what I wanted. Like this -_-"
Maybe I'm too demanding, my fault ya?

and this...
OK! I love the reflection, spot it yourself :P I'm sure the person who helped us didn't notice that HAHAHA maybe all of the people thought we were cam-whore sluts, only wanted photos of ourselves and didn't care the background

Rubbish bin?

Amazing arts on the wall

The genius behind these beautiful paintings

Freaking hot le

Check the way we sit :P

Keep off the lawn!

Lining up to get our deposit for the sarong we rented.

Saw this notice on the way out...hilarious! Why they didn't mention about Yindee Lapidary? Anyway, what's done is done, it was remarkable to Christine and I, no one can ever cheat us after this, gagagaa :P

That's all for The Grand Palace, a.k.a. Wat Phra Kaew, temple of the Emerald Buddha :)