Sunday, February 21, 2010

Answer the question

Sometimes, you don't have to answer the questions asked

People who throws questions to you might not prepared to know the truth, it only makes you a cold-blooded man, who's not considerate...
What if you choose to lie?
If you lie, you're not "answering" questions, you're making script to make people feel better.
I really hate myself, because...right now, I'm in between telling the truth, or making a false statement.

A woman asks her man

"Honey, do you think I look good in this fedora hat?"

(A) "No, you look don't have that look,
remove it please, don't torture my eyes"

(B) " might need a mini vest to go with it, ah...and maybe take off your pink jumper? Hmmm and also your make-up, and...bla bla bla bla" Whatever fuck, just tell her straight that she looked UGLY in fedora hat, it doesn't suit her at all!

Now, tell me you prefer answer A or B

A, the man answered the question

B, the man didn't answer the question

I think, most of the people prefer B.
The woman might just want to "ask"... it doesn't mean she wants an answer, even if you tell her the truth, she still has million billions reasons/excuses to wear that fedora hat to her primary school gathering.

Woman cursed a little in her heart..

"Fuck you, who are you to tell me I don't have that look?
You have tiny smelly penis!"

apparently, she forgot she "asked" the question, (A) is merely his answer to HER question

I'm in dilemma...did I tell you I'm the man?
NO, Kevin is not the woman, his penis is not tiny ;)