Monday, February 1, 2010

Boring day!

1st of February, 14 more days to Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. Very strange...I don't feel Chinese New Year is only 2 weeks away, 14 more days to CNY? No way!
Huhuuu...I haven't buy any new clothes for CNY. Ignore my BKK shopping spree, bunch of new clothes/dresses still lying in luggage...I just realized I don't have place to put them, what a joke -_-" I need a wardrobe, a gigantic one.
Today is public holiday, Kevin is still in Penang as he needs to go to Penang court tomorrow. I was so bored...I went to watch movie alone again. I chose The Universal Soldier: A New Beginning...fcuk this movie, it was freaking terrible with human flesh/blood sloshing all over the place, and the storyline is boring.. SIGH! Should have chose Case 39 instead...but I will really REGRET if I watch that, Joan is in Genting with her husband, I'll be sleeping alone tonight. No horror movies! :'(
Tomorrow is working day...boss can I take leave?