Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shenzhen Day 2

Had breakfast in the hotel we stayed
Hmm..."China style"

Yam and sweet potatoes

Hard-boiled eggs


Man tao 馒头

Very oily veggies

First station, 中国民俗文化村. aka 深圳锦绣中华民俗村 (ShenZhen Splendid China Folk Culture Village)

Tour package we purchased didn't include entrance tickets of the theme park, but yet we still need to "drop by" the place because the photographer (a young girl) hired by the tour agency NEED to take our know, they will print photos taken (the same day), put it in frame and sell it you.
It was not we're stingy and refused to buy entrance ticket, but the theme park is huge, really huge (like there were several theme parks in the theme park itself, aiya I don't know la, google yourself!) need to spend at least 2 days over here, this is what we were told. I just reluctant to pay and only get to enjoy 2 hours, we have to follow the agenda prepared. And by the way my mum and I went to 世界之窗some years ago ;)

Err...I'm not sure if you realized the shirt Kevin's was the same piece I wore night before :P

We have camera, we didn't see why we would purchase photos from them. Ahh...anyway, we bought it end of the day, that was a different story...the girl was sincere :)

Me, now only I realized how ridiculous my hair was -_-"
and HEY! That top....What happened to me?!

Looking back at these photos...
I just don't understand why I wore that top, why I bothered to buy it?! Even my mum thought it something young girl wouldn't wear. I'm not that old :(

The tour guide suggested to take monorail, it oversees the entire theme park and part of the city, with much? I forgot, the price was reasonable, took around 20-30 minutes

Leaflets, it showed area covered per trip

Waiting for train

About 5 minutes later, we're in train! I thought we have to wait at least 20 minutes ;)

Random photos (taken in train)

Rainbow staircases!

It was wonderful :)
It definitely deserved more pics:P

Tempted to go down for a cup of coffee..

Us two :)

See the globe? Impressive...

Met 2 girls from HK, they told me they spent 2 days in the theme park! They were so cute, I think they are...18-20 years old? ;)

It's not that I'm that tall...they are mini! LOL

Had our lunch..

Winter melon soup

Next station...another theme park
That was a very different theme park ;)