Monday, February 15, 2010

Final day in Bangkok

*I'm superrrrrr sleepy, I just cincai write this entry*
Woke up earlier as planned, walked around city centre, snap here and there before we proceeded to airport.

I guess...every malls have got four-faced Buddha near the entrance

Heading to the Four-faced Buddha Christine's mum wanted us to go

Photos along

The one and only photo of me


Candy cab!

That's the place, the famous four-faced Buddha.
According to Christine's mum, some famous HK stars purposely went to Bangkok to pray! We are Malaysia star, we must go there (HAHAHA)

Back to hotel, checked out, got in taxi (costs us 400baht to airport) Wooot! Cheap!

Lots of duty-free shops...guess what, we nearly missed our flight. Somehow we didn't check our flight time probably, I thought it was 1520pm...
1455pm, as Christine paying money at the Burger King (quick lunch), I took out our itinerary to double confirm the flight time.
....Shocked! Our boarding gate was around 10 minutes from BK.
I told Christine's who's waiting at the counter.. we have BK staff to pack our burgers and fries, and we ran all the way from BK to the Boarding Gate.
1510pm sharp, it was already Last Call and we were the last passengers (got in plane). Phew!
We have to hide our burgers, fries and coke under our seat, no outside food and drinks in Airasia plane :P

Going back home. :)

That's all for our Bangkok trip, it was our 1st trip to overseas together, I think Christine and I made good companion to each other, couldn't wait for the 2nd trip! :)