Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taste in Little Taiwan

Irrelevant photo of me :P

It was last Friday, after work.
Kevin and I decided to have dinner in Little Taiwan. Their menu was quite attractive, but to us...we prefer Ayam Penyet, you know, big fans of spicy foods :P

I ordered this papaya milkshake (I never liked it) and decided I will never like papaya milkshake although it tasted err...quite good. In fact, it tasted like papaya ice cream, good but I just don't like it.

I was all worn out, tiring day in the office

Sweetheart Kevin :)

Foods we ordered

Kevin's favourite, but I hated it

甜不辣 Tempura
Fish and crab meat..

Salted chicken cubes, quite nice


HAHAHA it's not kimchi (ok not funny)


..and me. Why I looked so tired? It was because I was tired...(pun not intended)

I would say foods in Little Taiwan were good, maybe we should try their spicy beef noodles next time ;)



CathJ said...

wow...sedap.. ^_^