Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I can give you my best...but it won't be what you want
What I could give is not what you need;
what you need is not something I could give
I couldn't give you something you don't need, could I? I couldn't..

Maybe it's really time to go, it's time to see the outside world.
I have no direction and visible purpose, I'm lost.

Life is foggy, unpredictable...I don't know what future offers.
I could only take tiny steps, step by step... For everything step I made, I use days to appreciate. Maybe I'm a little slow in this fast paced world, but it's just me...have you ever considered yourself moving too fast when you think others are slow?

Why don't you slow down? We could walk together, hand in hand... wealth (I refer to money) is not something we could bring to other life
I just wish things will be fine, people out there are less demanding, everyone loves people around them, less hatred..

Good thing, life doesn't end here
The sun will still shine tomorrow :)