Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Grand Palace, Bangkok - Part 1

Day 3,

Had breakfast in hotel, with "pretty" healthy foods :P

Christine couldn't wait any longer, she was all ready to grab her 1st bite!

Butter..so cute

After Yindee's incident
In taxi, we were heading to The Grand Palace!! Taxi fare was only around 80-90baht from our hotel. Entrance fee is 700baht for 2, so we only spent less than 400baht per person, glad we didn't sign up the tour package! I believe there are cheaper, better tour packages out there, but we wanted to make full use of time, no more waiting

The Grand Palace

Make sure you follow the right way :P

I love this place!

We were required to wear sarong

Tickets to the Mandalay Grand Palace

I need to make this pic B & W because of the poor quality!

Lotus and joss stick to worship the God

Random pic

I thought it's a good angle and nice pose..

..after this shot I asked a passerby to help us

What the?! I would love to thank the lady for this nice picture, although the angle and background was totally.. -_-"

Anyway, I asked another tourist to snap it again
Hmmm...not what I wanted but at least there's a "background" ;P

The Map of Grand Palace

Want milk? :P


with bunch of school girls
I looked so old standing next to them! Hmmpf :(

I always wanted a pair of black school shoes, you don't have to wash it every week like white school shoes, in fact I think we don't have to wash it at all. It's black...ooh, Ok maybe we need to polish it every week

More photos tomorrow :)



CathJ said...

Beautiful!!!! Love to visit this.. ^_^

violetmay said...

Must go there if you go to Bangkok ya! ;D