Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Sugar Voon! ^^

It's Sugar's birthday! Mum wanted to buy her a small cake, but we decided not to celebrate as Sugar isn't in her best look, she looked like an astronaut.. -_-"

Sugar sleeping in the crate
That's her smallest cage, usually she sleeps in this small crate at night. Vet said no excessive exercise for 2 weeks, Sugar is very active and jumping is her favourite activity, I have no choice but to crate her for these 10 days. I felt sad looking at her little tummy.. :'(

Took her out, this is her favourite position, sweet cuddle baby who loves belly rubs ;)))
See her hands, LOL!

She looked tired in these pictures, but let me assure you she is as energetic as before! ;)
Pray for Sugar's speed recovery
Happy Birthday, my Sugar! Momma loves you!! :)



CathJ said...

what happen to the stomach??? T_T

violetmay said...

I got her spayed last week...wait until you see today's entry. Very heartbreaking :'(