Sunday, April 20, 2008

Genting Highlands, Day 2

Woke up quite early, wanted to buy tickets for all park (outdoor and indoor), but...guess what, it was raining out there, sigh!

We decided to have our breakfast in Shanghai 10

It looks like a very nice restaurant..

Cute chair,
I like the calligraphy ;))

Hello Kevin!

His green tea, with a slice of lemon
It's too sour..I don't like it

My Barley with Fu Chuk
Nice nice!
Tasted like soya beans ;))

Fried Rice cake (my favourite!!) with seafoods
But I think my grandpa cooks better rice cake than this ;)

Shanghai 10 special fried rice

"Are you done with photos? I can't wait to eat it, hahaha"


After breakfast, loitering in the mall
I think I won't be coming back for main course, maybe I would try their durian pancake the next time ;)

Mmm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh!
I like the name, "hmmm....yum yum!"
This is babies' language ;)

We didn't manage to go the outdoor theme park due to heavy rain, we just stayed in
First, we need a EziCash card!

Time for game!! ^^

Our luck was extremely GOOD, won so many toys ^^
Small prize, medium prize and big prize...

Look what we've won with just RM45?
These little things are cuter than me :(

AHEM, now I think I'm sweeter and cuter :P
(my face is 2 inches thick)

The rain just wouldn't stop!
We have nowhere to go, camwhoring seems to be a good idea

By the time the rain stopped, it was already at night

Highlands Hotel

More photos

I love the background,
so Christmas-like! :D

Venice Gondola
It was very hard to take photos, because nobody was there with us

OOh God, is that a mermaid?!
She was playing us a song, named "little mermaid"

These are dedicated to neon lights lover ;))

Vietnamese exhibition

In "Funtasy" amusement park

Our hotel lobby :))
Nice, isn't it?

Having tea in Starbucks, Resorts Hotel

My glasses ;)

We slept at 3am that day :)
Day 3,
outdoor theme park, you better watch out! :P


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