Wednesday, April 16, 2008


If you've ever had a nightmare, you are very lucky.
That's quite impossible, because almost everyone gets them once in a while.

I almost dream everyday recently, all of my dreams are nightmares, unpleasant one...
From my understanding, stressful things that happen during the day can turn dreams into nightmares. I ask myself, can I handle pressure? Am I stressed? How do I know if I'm stressed? Nightmares may be a way to relieve the pressures of the day, but I thought I'm stress-free.

I don't usually remember what exactly happened in my dreams, I only remember something very bad happen, I was very very scared, frightened...I even blamed myself for didn't set the alarm clock to pull my up from dreams. In my dreams, I told myself, it's a dream, don't worry...

And I tried to call myself to wake up in dream

"Wake up wake up! This is just one of the nightmares! It's not real!"

After attempting for times,
Finally, I woke up...
I realised it's not a dream.
I was frightened, begged for help but no one was there with me, I was panic

Nobody can help me

I almost burst into tears..

Right after that, I woke up for the second time.
I'm safe, I'm in my bedroom.
Found out all of these were just dreams, nightmares.

This week, I almost have nightmares everyday, I don't know why. A few years back, I studied a lot about dreams, I have a few books regarding to dream analysis and interpretation. I thought dreams are interesting, things that will never ever happen in my life may just pop up in my dreams. I used to have a lot of sweet dreams...

I could fly,
I have a magic chair,
I met Alice in wonderland...

But right now, I'm tired.
I have had enough of nightmares, I didn't have enough rest even though I sleep for 8 hours.
I'm exhausted

This is serious...these two days,
I took a nap in the afternoon,'s not a nap
Should say I sleep in the afternoon, yesterday I slept around 2pm, woke up at 7pm.
Today, I slept at 3pm, woke up at 7pm.
My total sleeping hour per day increased from 8 hours to 13 hours.

Nightmare has seriously influenced my life
I hope it's not a bad sign.

I should go to bed
Sweet dreams to myself,
Perhaps no dream is better for the current violet