Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali ^^

Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends! ^^
Deepavali also known as Diwali :)

Kevin's mum's student invited us to her "open restaurant", normally people will have open house, but they are different because they wanted to do it in a restaurant (they own that Indian restaurant)

By the way, I'm going to start this entry with a fake smile
Please don't misunderstand, my fake smile is really nothing to do with this celebration, I just didn't know why I smiled like this today :(

Trust me, that's not a fake smile, alright?

Okay, this is not so fake

What about this?

I have no idea why my smile was sooooo fake! I wanted to slap myself!
By the way he is my brother ;)

I tried to start my car but something is wrong with the car engine, my dad said it might because of the car battery. And so I took train to meet Kevin in PJ station. Huhu...bad day! We gathered in Kevin's house and moved to Brickfield together. Did I tell you her mum's student's restaurant is in Brickfield? Aiks...I just realised I didn't, but now you know :)

Vishal Food and Catering Restaurant, it's not a big one, but well, they serve very very good Indian foods! :D

Really nice and delicious Indian foods, hehee!
I love spicy foods very much :D


Kevin's mum, and her student
(Sorry! I forgot her name)

She wore Sari, I also want a Sari..

My my my....

SEEEEE, that fake smile again, what's wrong with me?

...actually it was because of foods. I was damned hungry and Kevin took his own sweet time to take photos, that's why the fake smile ;)

Let me introduce you to Kevin,
Kevin is a nice guy, won't hurt or kill "anyone"

I don't want to trust my eyes...he just killed a crab with 2 table spoons and a table knife!!!!


Kevin's mum and her ex-colleague. Did I tell you Kevin's mum retired last year? :)
Sorry sorry! I know I didn't...but now you know. Gagagagaga :P
By the way, she was a Secondary school teacher :)

This square jelly is a kind of Indian desserts, I'm not sure the name.
It's SUPER SWEET!!! Sweeter than sugar, sweeter than sugar cane, sweeter than sugar cane sugar juice sugar sugar...and it's even sweeter than me (Puke!!! hahahahha). It's TOO SWeEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetTTTTT

I love sweets, but I prefer sweets which are not too sweet

I took a very long time to finish it, Kevin did help a little :P

Kevin and his dad

Too far!

2nd take

That's half a candid snapshot :P

After meal, we saw something "interesting"

Wholly own by: Jesus Christ
This church is just next door ;)

After spending 2 hours in this place, Kevin and I proceeded to his best friend's (Aravin) Deepavali open house in PJ,
In car, I bun my hair up cos it was too hot

I think my dress is very "Deepavali" :P

Ooh yea, guess what, there is a princess living in Aravin's house!

Ta da~

Hello, my name is princess, and I sleep with my mama every night

Aravin's mum prepared some foods too, but I was too full to have another plate of Indian foods. Hey I ate 2 plates of rice in Vishal Restaurant, no more space for foods... huhuhu...I should have saved 1kg for Aravin's mum's foods :'(

Ah...Aravin and Kevin
23 years of friends... ;)

Left Aravin's house after an hour, we went for a movie, The Coffin. Hmmm...nice but it was not what I've expected ;)
I had Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang as my dinner

I ate too much of spicy foods today, I hope I won't have constipation tomorrow, gagaga :P

Do you think I'm always ready for photos?


See? I looked like an idiot, that was why I dislike candid snapshots (sometimes only :P)

Happy Deepavali!
I didn't celebrate Deepavali for years, today was a very good and happy day, hope there will be more Deepavali open house next year :)

Muacks, nite