Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chiang Mai Day 1

I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand last Wednesday :)
Had McDonald as breakfast

3 hours on plane...
some silly shots to entertain ourselves, hehee :P

Chiang Mai Chiang Mai I'm cumming
...I mean coming, hahahahahahahahaha

Such a wonderful place to visit..

I wish to go there again next year :)

Hmmm..actually I think I look nice in this pic :P

We booked a room in S.K. House, it's recommended by Lonely Planet.

S.K. House is doing pretty good, this is their second guesthouse in Chiang Mai, they call it "SK 2", hahaha

So cute ^^

They have a small swimming pool! ^^
Not my business, I don't swim...and the swimming pool is at the lobby next to the registration counter. I'm still wondering who will swim there?

Room with fan, 400 baht
Air-cond room, 700 baht

We chose air-cond room
The stupidest decision, because it's not too hot at night, why the heck we need the air cond room? Anyway, SK 2 was only 5-day-old, we were the first guests in our room ;) The room was clean and everything was new!

Floor mats

SO excited, we were the first person who showered in this shower room, hahaha

Ahem, in fact the real room is better looking than photos ;)
700 baht is considered expensive for a guesthouse in Chiang Mai, the second day we realised there are a lot of guesthouses charge 150 baht to 350 baht per night -_-"
Anyway, we were still very happy

After we dumped our baggages, we went to lobby for lunch
Fried rice

Chicken with hot basil

Iced coffee
Kevin couldn't live without it

Not forgetting my lonely planet ;)

There were these 3 guys, Nick, Chris and Akh, they are S.K. House's owner's relatives, introduced some tour packages to us, we bought 6 packages (3 trips for each of us). Not a good bargain, we got to know it from another tourist at night when we went to old Chiang Mai culture centre. I am not going to buy any tour packages from S.K. House the next time I go to Chiang Mai! They charged us extra 200 baht for every trips we signed up, we paid extra 1200 baht in total! HMMMMMM!!!!

After lunch, on the way to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

We stopped by the view point, do you believe we paid 500 baht for 1 person just to go to the Wat? -_-"

I don't understand Thai :'(((

Wonderful view


Left to right
Kevin, Akh and Chris

The young lady

Have something to drink before we proceeded to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep :)

See you at the next entry :)



laverew said...


You look very nice in your dress, we have a saying here "your one hot tomato" (it means your a very sexy looking woman). Anyway I'm glad you and Kevin enjoyed your trip......


violetmay said...

I learn something new today, however I think "tomato" is not a very sexy word, hahaha :P

Dr V said...

Great photos Violet! I loved the photos overlooking the city. McDonald's for your first day in Thailand? hahaha

violetmay said...

Hahahaha, actually I ate McDonald before I got in plane, not in Thailand :P