Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vietnam Kitchen, the Sims 2

This is me again, cam-whoring before I went out ;P

Please allow me to bring you to Vietnam Kitchen, One Utama :)
Not my 1st time, they have another outlet in Cheras Leisure Mall.
Actually I didn't want to eat Vietnam cuisine yesterday, thought to try something new...but we passed by this restaurant and Kevin missed their foods ;)

If you knew what we ordered yesterday, you might going to faint
We ordered Western foods, in a Vietnam cuisine restaurant
Whilst waiting for our foods... The Sims 2 Double Deluxe!!!
Just bought it ;)

I slept at 4am last night and I spent 6 hours playing the Sims today, AND I intend to continue it after this entry. The Sims was my favourite game, I remember I spent at least 6 hours in The Sims everyday. It's like a drug...
It was a very hard pulling myself out from the game, but I did :)

BUT yesterday, I bought The Sims 2, which was a terrible mistake I've done after so many years of keeping my profile clean. :'(((

What are the side effects?
Right now, my butts are numb, my eyes are tired, my hands are cold, my back is painful and I have stiff neck. Just for a d.a.y. I'm old...and what's more? I couldn't concentrate on everything, I skipped TV shows that I watch everyday, my mind was full of White Ginger, Red Ginger, Pink Ginger (family that I created last night and played until 4am) before I fell asleep and I even dreamt about them, today I created another 3 families, (family 1) Viv Nyek and Miv Nyek (LOL! Funny names), (family 2) Violetta Witchie, and (family 3) Maki Jisoko and Nanako Jisoko. All these weird names...Eeh wait, I think I created 4 families, but I couldn't recall the mind is full of strawberry jam, that's why it's jammed right now :S

I want to talk about something else to distract myself
My saviour

Alright, let's begin with peanuts, eat more nuts and soon you will be nuts
I just went nuts :P


I don't know the name of this beverage
It tastes like Shirley Temple but it's not

nice angle :)

This is not too nice :'(

Parisan Grilled Chicken

Mashed potatoes

Stone Grilled Lamb

Fried potatoes balls

I love my Parisan Grilled Chicken!
I seldom treat Kevin, because he doesn't want me to spend. But yesterday was different, because I said
"You better let me pay for the bills, otherwise I won't kiss you for one month and you can't hug me to sleep when we travel"

Hahahahaha :P
Do you believe?

Ooh shit!
I just realized I have wrinkles..
Huhuhu... :'((
I'm only 24

Konica! ^^

At night, after Eagle Eye ;)

Starbucks love :)

Right now, I should get back to the Sims
Goodnight :)



Mike said...

I loved you photo set at the start. You expressions are priceless. I do hope that your Sims addiction doesn't impact your photos too much. We'll miss your bright shining eyes if you stare and the computer too long!

Well, whatever you do. Have fun doing it!!

violetmay said...

Hello Mike :)
I will try to stop playing it more than 6 hours a day, this kind of addiction is not healthy :(
Anyway, there is nothing can replace my passion in photography, hehee! :P