Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday noon

You must be bored of my Chiang Mai's photos. Hehehehe, because I think those photos are quite boring :P
Thought to talk about Sunday noon, my parents, Eling and I went to Michell's new house in Sungai Long. Joan didn't join us as she is busy preparing for her Japanese examination. She stays up late everyday, a tough lady! ;) I remember I failed in my Japanese paper when I was in college, my lecturer gave me a second chance but I...still......didn't make it :P
Ahhh!!! and my French test, I......cheated and got good grade. Miss Anna (my French lecturer was a blur lady) didn't see the small notes I hide in my pencil case. Shhhhhhhh...don't tell others :P

Michell's new house

Seriously I like her house very much!!!
I want a house too...but my bank account has not enough "zero", you know...this kind of 00000. Next time if people ask me
"Do you like zero?"

I will say
"Yes, give me more zero please"

Alright, after that we went back to Michell's place to see her babies, Didi and Hue Ru! My favourite babies :)
Hue Ru baby has got a baby girl, she calls her "tiny baby"

"Tiny baby are you hungry? Momma feed you milk"

Hahaha, now you see...Hue Ru is a good momma, she takes very good care of her tiny baby

Apparently, somebody is jealous...
"Hmmm! You only love Tiny baby, what about me? Huhuhuhu.... "

"Okay okay, peek-a-boo! Don't mad at me, I love you still"

I love my niece and nephew :)))