Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ayam Penyet, Ooh yEssss!

1st of October!
October is a good month...because...because... I will tell you next time :P

Do you love spicy foods?
I do I do! ^^

I'm like a rubbish bin, it's hard to see me saying yucks to foods, whatever... ;)

But seriously, WAROENG PENYET(Indonesian Food), the Curve serves very nice spicy chicken, a.k.a. ayam penyet :)

It's not new in The Curve, I always passed by and said

"I will try you next time"
But I didn't after so many years until last week

We made our order at the counter, they said they will serve us later. We just sat there and wait...patiently

The color of this photo is not nice

Never mind, I'm lazy to adjust it

Teh Botol,'s a recommended beverage,

It's very famous in Indonesia

But I don't like it, tasted...weird

A few minutes later...
Hmmm...what takes them so long?

No......wonder, hehee! ;)

Never mind, we can take more photos while waiting for foods, but all of a sudden,

our spicy-yummies arrived!
Ayam Penyet (chicken, the original)

Empal Penyet (Beef)

I was so happy, decided to pose with foods and our order number, 35


And him ^^

My ayam penyet was very spicy but delicious, I kept going

" rea..lly delicious.. and kek kekk...." *Cough cough*

If you couldn't take spicy foods, better don't try;
BUT if you LOVE spicy foods, must give it a try (you can ask them to give you extra chili sambal if you are not afraid of death) :P

Muackssssssssssss, tata :D

Today is Raya Public Holiday, but I'm at home.
Kevin has a meeting in another state, I must move my butts out and find something to eat/something to do/something to kill myself! Oops, I mean something to kill time :P

I don't have to work on Thursday and Friday due to Raya,
As usual I don't have to work on Saturday and Sunday...
I better start planning these 'empty' days :D

My friends, do have a pleasant day :)