Thursday, October 16, 2008

Khantoke Dinner and cultural shows in Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

Night 1. We went for a traditional Khantoke dinner and cultural show in Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center.

1000 baht for 2 pax, others only pay 300 baht for one :'(
I'm not going to buy tour packages from S.K. House anymore

This is the stage for the traditional dance performance



Well actually I was a bit disappointed, I thought they use containers made of bamboo, wood, rattan, and coconut shell to serve us, but they use plastic bowl... Only the tray is made of wood.

Fried chicken, fried banana, fried pork skin, fresh cucumbers and cabbages, fried Bihun, cooked cabbages, cooked pork, chili-tomato gravy, white rice and sticky rice with Pandan fragrant.

Never mind, we were still very happy :D


The performances going on while we were enjoying our foods.

Some refreshments
pineapple and watermelon

Rice crackers

By the end of the Part 1 show, the performers invited some guests to dance with them on the stage

Hahaha, I was one of them, do you see me? :P

I danced like a robot...I wanted to run back to my seat half way! But the girl living in me didn't allow ;)
"Just try to dance! Nobody knows you!"

After the traditional dances performed by Thai, the second part of the show was performed by Hill Tribe people, they are from northern Thailand. We were told to leave the hall and proceed to another open air hall for the second performances. On our way to the second hall, we passes by some stalls, which tribe people sold their handicrafts.

Then I saw this little girl! ^^
I gave her 20 baht for a photo, well actually she didn't ask me to give ;)

And then and then
I saw these cutiessss!!!
OMG they are so cute I wanted to bring them home! :'(((
Why I don't have a dog?

Second part of the Khantoke show


After the show

Bought this photo for 100 baht, hmmm...considered "OK" ;)

By the way I think this is a very nice photo :D

Went back to our place

Akh asked us to treat him beer...this is what happened when you are too friendly
They charged us more than other travel agents, although we bought 6 packages from him, and now he asked us to buy him beer... We didn't know he charged us too much until the last day. I'm not stingy, money is not easy to earn.
One Singha for him, and one for myself, Coffee for Kevin :P

A bottle of beer to end the sinful night

The drunkard lady



Dr V said...

You look like a real professional dancing Violet! I was called out of the audience to dance once too, and I was never happier that I didn't know 99% of the people in the audience. But they definitely remembered me! hahaha Oh, and that's a cute little girl. ^_^

violetmay said...

You sure I look like a real professional dancing? You must be kidding me..I laughed so hard whenever I look back these photos, me like a robot :P
Did you snap any photos that time? If yes then post it up! :D

CathJ said...

Wowww. you guys were really having a nice day...but knowing you been charge very high...Thats awful! We r going to Chiang mai this CNY.. Try to get info from ur blog.. ;-)

violetmay said...

Hello Cath :)

I hope my blog helps!
Remember remember, you can always get better bargain, just need to do more surveys before you buy their tour packages, don't get conned like me :'((( Huhuhu..