Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fadhil's house warming, Love in Midori

Last Saturday, Kevin's ex uni classmate (Fadhil) has a house warming. He just recently bought a house in Seremban 2. His wife is working in KL, around 4 hours return drive from Seremban and KL, everyday


Well, it worths...but I won't live in Seremban if I work in KL, I'm only willing to spend 1 hour return drive from office to my house, the balance 3 hours? Good good good, I can sleep more, gagagaagaaa :P
It's a new housing area, very clean and peaceful (Erm, I think..)

Fadhil's friends and relatives :)

I didn't know why they are doing, until...

...Kevin told me, it's a kind of game named "Pin the donkey's tail" (or something like that), I've never played it, but I guess it's an interesting game, will play it with my niece Hue Ru :D

and, I wondered why there are so many children and toddlers...until...
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you...

It was Fadhil's daughter, Ilham (it means inspiration)'s birthday celebration! I was a little red, because we didn't bring present for her birthday and we weren't informed

The moody birthday girl and her cousin sister

Me and Kevin's ex classmate's son. Fadhil invited a lot of Kevin and his ex classmates :)
He is very cute right? :D

And this handsome boy... :)
"I don't want to take photos I don't want to take photos"
another moody baby;)

He is Fadhil :)
He studied in Texas, US for 8 years, came back to get his Bachelor degree in Malaysia, that was when he met Kevin in University :)

He is teaching Karate (60 students!) and teaching tennis on weekends. He always wanted to become a pilot, and he's planning to get back to school :)

Kevin and Fadhil's dad (he was a lecturer in Uni, just retired)

Kevin and friends :)

with Fadhil's wife, hahaha!
She looked so happy :D

We chatted and suddenly she said
"Hey by the way I'm not pregnant..."

"Huh? But we didn't say you are pregnant"

"Hahaha, yeah I know, but all of my friends and relatives thought I'm pregnant"


"You don't look like a pregnant lady" I don't think she is pregnant

"REALLY? Violet I love you!!"

By the way, she is not pregnant ;)

Finally, the moody birthday girl smiled :D


I love this photo :D
This little boy is Fadhil's son (Iman), 2 years old.
His said his son likes me, I like his son too ^^

After we left Fadhil's house, we went to Cineleisure
I've heard they changed their menu again :D


The desserts are back ^^

I have a very hard time choosing what I want

Ooh well, I chose mitsu soft ice cream as usual, and this time I wanted it with green tea ice cream



Nothing is better than sweets and desserts...(I try to ignore/forget Spicy foods and durian)



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