Sunday, October 5, 2008

A day in Timesquare

Long weekend,
We spent yesterday in Berjaya Timesquare, used to hang out in Sg. Wang a lot when I was unemployed, to find my knitting sifu or to meet up friends, but since I'm employed to sleep in an office, things have changed tremendously. I seldom go to Sg. Wang and Berjaya Timesquare, ERM...except The Pavilion. I know I know, these few malls are only few blocks away :P

I was very hungry, no foods at home so I skipped breakfast...
That's very nice of Kevin, he brought me to Kenny Rogers for lunch, they have new menu *something something* spicy gravy with roasted chicken. Hooohoo, I love spicy foods ^^


Baby why you looked so moody?

But I'm very happy.. :P

Actually he has a meeting last night, he couldn't stop thinking about the meeting, the dinner and everything. BUSY MAN!

Vanilla flavoured muffin

See, he's still thinking thinking and thinking :S

Mine, with 3 sidelines
macarroni and cheese, fruits salad and parsley potatoes

His piece of chicken is bigger than mine...

"I can change it with you, I know you prefer drumstick!" I was hungry, I want that big one!

"It's okay, you can have the drumstick" he didn't know what I was thinking

"Okay...but I thought you dislike chicken breasts, because it's not as tender as drumstick?

"Ooh, but it's really alright"

3 minutes after I took the above photos...

"Baby, yours is bigger than mine...hmm...I mean your chicken breast is bigger than my drumstick part"

"Ooh, wanna exchange with mine?"

.......y..e..................s.." :'P

See? I finished up fruits in the small bowl and if you noticed...his chicken has became mine :P

Still can cam-whore with empty-stomach


After main course, here comes my dessert
It's Jelly Fruit Delight, Fruit Delight Jelly, whatever..

It looked nice!
With ice cream on top, fruits in the middle, and the bottom part is red jelly

Believe it or not, it sucks
They served ice cream with cream, it ruined the whole 'thing' and I forced myself to finish up the fruits and ice cream, followed by the red jelly, I thought it must be strawberry flavoured and sweet and nice and yum. BUT, to my surprise...I nearly vomited everything I ate earlier, but I managed to swallow it with my nose closed. I thought it was my problem so I asked Kevin to try, he puke immediately -_-"

I swear...I would kill myself with a table knife if I ever order this thing, again

P/S: I prefer original gravy/black pepper gravy than the new spicy gravy ;)

After meals, we spent almost 2 hours in Borders Bookstore, they have promotions on CDs, DVDs, VCDs and books...each of us bought 2 books in Bargain Section :D
Hmmm...Kenny Rogers?
"Is this Kenny Rogers 'that' Kenny Rogers Roasted Chicken?"

"Yes, I thought you knew it?"

"HUH?! wonder...all of the Kenny Rogers restaurants have lots of album's covers, musics kind of decorations"


I ought to be ashamed of myself
Where is my table knife?

Anyway, Kevin dumped me because he couldn't bear my stupidity, he left me alone in Berjaya Timesquare...huhuhu... :'(
I need a new boyfriend

I was left alone because he has meeting and dinner with some VIPs. I walked alone and bought myself some new stuff and 2 movie tickets.

930pm, in Food and Tea Restaurant
I expected Kevin to join me at 10 something

I ordered Jackfruits, waterchestnut hot dessert

and a glass of milktea with grass jelly

10pm, one of the waiters asked if I wanted to order something else, because 10pm is their last call and they close at 11pm. Immediately I ordered another glass of milktea with grass jelly, for Kevin. After I ordered, I got a call from Kevin, knowing it's quite impossible for him to reach before 1030pm.

Which means, I, me, alone need to finish up all these 2 milktea and hot dessert. Our movie was at 1150pm, I never like to drink anything 1 hour before shows. Sigh...staring at these 2 milktea, suddenly I felt so lonely. Photos to entertain myself :P

Lonely, I'm a Miss Lonely

11pm, the restaurant close at 11pm

Raya Raya Raya

Finally, Kevin reached
Very happy, I decided to take a photo with him :P

Before movie,
In Dome

Camwhoring with Dome menu
Click 1

Click 2
with fake smile

and Click 3

Kevin took my photo when I took his photo


Some cheap stuff I bought for Kevin

Kevin ordered Coffee Twisted

I always take the first sip ;)



We watched a Thailand movie named Fury, a very nice show :)
I'm very sleepy..too much of sims!
That's all for today, bye, muacks!