Friday, October 24, 2008

Bamboo heads loves bamboo meals

We went to a restaurant called Bamboo Asian Cuisine/Tea House in Hartamas, actually we seldom dine-in in Hartamas, because it's very hard to find parking bay there. I hate spending too much time to look for a parking lot.

We passed by a restaurant called Bamboo Tea House 竹园亚洲美食, we gave it a try because we thought the name is interesting :)

Ah, now I see why they named it "Bamboo"
They menu is made of bamboo and the theme of wallpaper is bamboo

We ordered a few dishes,
this is minced pork noodle 炸酱面(I don't really remember the name)

Some shrimps

Spicy chicken dice with hot basil (Yum! I love chicken breast)
P/S: If you don't like chicken breast, don't order it ;)

And, a bowl of white rice
(Cute, the black sesame made this bowl of white rice special)

Hahaha, I don't know why I smiled like that.
That's my yogurt XXX

See my fingers? SO FUNNY LE, LOL

Black tea

Not again...that silly smile

Take 2!
Ah, much more better :P

That's very considerate/kind of Kevin, he peeled off the shrimps shells and de-veined it, for me :)

Huhuhu...where is my head and legs? :'(

After meals,

The bamboo's heads :)

Hey, Bamboo Restaurant's foods are quite nice! ^^