Monday, October 20, 2008

Jeremy and Samantha's wedding dinner

Went to Jeremy and Samantha's wedding dinner in Royal China last night. I met Samantha in James and Elaine's wedding few months ago, she is very nice and friendly :)

Royal China

Our table is number 1!

No 1 Choco lady

Let's take a look who were the other "No.1ians"
James and Elaine!
Elaine is pregnant (15 weeks) Congratulations! ^^

Terry and Michelle

Olivia and Christine, or...Christy?

Kien Yu and Maybelline

Kevin and Violet

What makes a cute lovely couple?
Ans: 2 glasses of red wine

hehehe, don't you think this pic is cute? I think it is :)

Some foods

Kevin is shy, his face red...
Actually it was because of alcohol! Just a few sips and he became like this...
I was so mad, said
"I don't want to marry you!"


The lady is black is Jeremy's sista, she just wouldn't get drunk! she drank a lot, I don't know how many glasses she drank (red wine, Hennesy, Chivas, beers...etc. All!). Such a great drinker :P

Jeremy and his sista, they were so excited...after all it's Jeremy's big day ;)

Last dish


Elaine and I



Where is Samantha, by the way?

Here she is!


A kiss to the bride! ^^

Guests started to leave the hall
Olivia, Terry and the rest didn't allow us to go home! Insisted we must stay till we get drunk

We left at 1215am, we didn't drink much...we cheated
Nobody knew Kevin's glass of beer is actually Chinese tea. LOL!



Unknown said...

Hi, ChocoLady! Nide dress.

Chinese tea for beer; that's a great idea. Sounds like something I would do. :)

laverew said...

Your dress was beautiful, if you can, show us a full length photo of you in your dress.........


violetmay said...

Hello Mr. Brown, I'm quite surprised to know you don't drink beer too... ;)

Hmmm, I would love to, but unfortunately I didn't take a full length photo of myself in this dress. I didn't take much photos that night :)))