Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some happy stuff

I just reached home about half an hour ago

Today...hmmm...a really fruitful day with Kevin ;)
I don't really like to read about what you buy, what kind of clothes, what bags what brands what the heck and what the heck. Because I'm jealous "Want to show off? Go away!" :P
No...joking, actually I like to read this kind of entries, I think it's...entertaining, hehee! However, personally I think this kind of entry is kinda...weird?

But..but, today I really want to talk about this, things that Kevin bought for me today. Nyek nyek nyek :P

My friends, they know Kevin sponsors almost all of my stuff, from tops to underwear. Shopping with him is gooooood because he always answer my questions 'correctly'.

Women love to ask their men, which color is better? Which one is better?
Kevin always got the correct answer

"Both nice, you look very beautiful in these dresses/clothes/lingerie/whatever I put on" after that, he will take care of it ;)
I don't have to force myself to choose and let another one go. This is goooooood!

God bless Kevin, I'm not brand conscious at all, stuff that I bought are mainly reasonable-priced ;) I always think like this: You don't have to wear branded stuff to show you are fashionable, do LV, Gucci, Prada bring out the best in you? I don't know, it's the way you think. I have some friends, who can't go out without their lovely LV prada gucci bags


Okay okay, you earn a lot, and your spending power is there, not my business right? I.should.just.shut.up ;)

Anyway anway anyway, if you want to buy me an LV bag, I suggest you to give me the money or buy me a return ticket to Maldives? Barcelona? or Hawaii maybe? ;) Hoohoooo, then I will be happy to death! I'm not rich :'(

Please god please please please......I hope my bank account suddenly has got USD750,000.00 just like Jerry Shaw in Eagle Eye, the show is phucking COOOL! Love it love it love it ^^
Okay okay, maybe RM750,000.00? :P

Eeeee...I thought I wanna talk about things that Kevin got me today? It's Raya Sales ;)
First, he got me a dress from Somerset Bay, my most most most favourite boutique, their designs are romantic, love it love it love it ;)

Then, we proceeded to Padini Concept Store, bought a pair of jeans, 1 shorts, 2 dresses, 3 skirts, 3 blouses, 1 tank top and 1 vest. I was happy! Kevin didn't buy me anything after our Phuket trip 2 months ago, so today is a happy day ^^

Can't blame him, he needs to save for our next trip...we are going to Thailand very soon, veryyyy soon! For 5 days and 4 nights ^^

Actually that wasn't our initial plan, we thought to spend 6 days 5 nights in Chiang Mai, but...something happened and plan changed ;) Anyway, I'm still very happy with the changes :D Sigh, I don't think I want to talk about stuff that I bought today, I feel so excited thinking about our Thai trip :D

Till now, my Lonely Planet is half read, still need some time to finish it off, when it comes to travel guides, I don't think I find another one which provides as many useful informations as Lonely Planet do. Although they don't have much photos to show...never mind, that's not the most important point ;)

RM108...actually other publishers are much cheaper, with just RM69.90, you can get a colored pages travel guides, of course, with lots of pictures in it. However as I mentioned, I prefer useful informations than beautiful colored pages. Lonely Planet is definitely worth the price ;)

Sigh, this is not the lastest version, I went to 5 bookstores including Borders, MPH, Popular...they ran out of stock, and MPH only has 12th Edition, published Aug 2007 :'(

I love you Lonely Planet, you are my hero
"Will you marry me?"

"Yes, I do" :P

Ah, one more thing!!!
I bought The Sims 2 Double Deluxe today!
I miss The Sims very much, didn't play it for years, I will buy Spore maybe next month :)