Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in One Utama

Hahaha, I realised titles of my blogs for the past few days are something like "Christmas in bla bla bla". I can do nothing, because my Christmas was only about photos, foods and presents.

These are the photos we took in One Utama on Christmas day :)

In One U

We had our lunch in Theobroma Chocolate Lounge :)

Ermmm...actually not lunch, I mean, some sweets treat

This is called, Fair Lady

It's not milk, it's white chocolate

Chocolate affair!
chocolate fondue with 4 seasonal fruits for 2 people

Actually, I don't like the chocolate, it's too sweet

After "lunch"
This year, the X'mas theme in One Utama is Alice in Wonderland :D
My favourite bedtime story!

Alice, Alice, in wonderland...I still remember the song.
By the way, where is Alice?

I only see Violet -_-"

Basically, I can take a lot of photos with the same "thing"

Some performances

Lots of dancing dancing dancing show, we didn't stay till it ends, because Kevin has a Christmas party to attend, and I didn't want to join him. So we went home after the show :)

Before we left One U, Kevin bought me The Sims 2 Bon Voyage expansion pack!!!
OMG I really love it love it love it, I'm loving it!
By the way I chose it as my Christmas gift, hehee! ^^
And about the present I gave Kevin, erm, maybe later :)

5th day of Christmas...
Have a pleasant day :)))